100 funny bathroom door signs

100 funny bathroom door signsThis is the one that got me laughing the hardest. What is wrong with me? Political incorrectness? Have I fallen to the Trump level?  Misogyny? Am I a bad person? But isn’t there a reciprocal one for the ladies? Well perhaps only 78% of them.

Reminds of the most sexist joke of all time. God sends Michael down with a set of nuts and a vagina to give to Adam and Eve. Michael asks who gets what.  God says… Give the vagina to the dumb one.  But Ladies, isn’t this even funnier?  Same joke different punch line. God says… Give the nuts to the ahole.

You know, humor [other than puns] is always at someone’s expense, but where is THE LINE. Rush Limbaugh calling a college student a slut by name is over the line. Milo Yiannopoulos doing what he did to celebrity actress Leslie Jones is over the line. Milo Yiannopoulos calling transgender individuals out by name, phone number and email, twitter, facebook accounts is criminal. As are Pro Lifers publishing addresses and pictures of abortion clinic employees. And none of that crap has anything to do with humor.

But when we have Bill Maher, John Cleese, Jerry Steinfeld, Chris Rock and many others refusing college gigs because of the political correctness on campus – mostly from over the top feminism – something is amiss.

The censorship, the shouting down and the safe zones do far more harm to liberalism and the Democrats than anything. Well anything other than sucking up to the off color and the off Christian anyway.

And sure, they ladies are probably right, but as we were recently hit in the face with a poop pie, being right does not garner votes.