38,000 scumbags sign petition to have Piers Morgan deported for calling Larry Pratt stupid

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Well, we have another of those stupid White House petitions asking that CNN Piers Morgan be deported for telling the truth. That Gun Owners of American leader Larry Pratt is “an unbelievably stupid man”. What’s cool about it is we now have the names of at least 38,000 scumbags! Make a list, check it twice!

Notice the small “s” in scumbags. This is the word for the rank and file gungoons who in the wake of Newton take their savings and go buy as many AR15s, extended clips and ammo as they can afford. The word Scumbag with a capital “S” we save for those outside of gun shops who seek out the media to proudly brag TO THE MOTHERS AN FATHERS OF NEWTOWN that the answer to their pain and sorrow is more assault rifles and more extended clips. Scumbags. Which BTW, is where the Republican Party stands. scumbags

You know, from that unbelievably stupid argument they would have to allow Iran nukes. And Mexico, and Somalia, and N.Korea and Bermuda…