Glenn Beck and Wingnuts Win One! Van Jones Fired!

Glenn Beck Wins One. Van Jones Fired!

Not only was Van Jones the founder the which is responsible for the successful Glenn Beck Boycott, but a tape has appeared with Mr. Jones calling Republicans "a-holes!" OMG!

In 1976 at a bar in Duluth I came across a Republican who was not an A-hole. Of course it was a long time ago and it was just that one guy, but for Jones to stereotype this is unconscionable.

And besides, Glenn Beck is one tippytoe step from the funny farm and giving him a win once in awhile is a charitable thing.

Speaking of charitable things, my very local paper this week overflowed with articles about the wonderful Tea Party down at the park where they became unhinged over taxes, birth certificates, socialism and the end of America. Reported as if there was no other way of thinking.

The next article was about a penny rise in property taxes in Galvenston County to help pay for more indigent health care caused by the double whammy of IKE and the Recession.

There were cool quotes from the angry wingnuts at the meetings – who like the Tea Partiers waved tiny copies of the constitution above their heads – with cries of "Mandatory Charity!" "Forced Welfare!"

A county Commissioner with a cooler head added "The Government has no business to mandate charity!" Again reported as if that goes without saying.

And the beat goes on… From talk radio, to Fox News, to cable news and now into our schools where the children of these intellectually challanged wingnut parents want their little nitwits children herded into special rooms devoid of any sound, picture, video or mention of that communist Darkie in the White House. 

Barney Frank did well a few weeks ago by pointing at the airhead woman at one of his town hall meetings by comparing her to a dinning room table. But that avoided getting to the NUB OF THE MATTER which

I think I could do a better job of.

First thing I would do is ask what their favorite book was?

Watching them turn purple over the question would be fun enough, but if they did answer I am sure I would hear just what I expected to hear with such words "Ayn", "Rand", "Ron", "Paul", "Glenn", "Beck", "end" and "times".

Then ask the big question.

Could I ask what this ideology you are expressing is called?
Have you found a name for it yet?

[After they stumble around it for a bit add...]

One thing for sure, whatever the hell it is is a few moral steps below Nazism.
Could we maybe call it Ghengis Khanism?
Are you a Mordorologist?
You are not from Harkonen are you?

The bottom line here is just how far back into history or fantasy land we have to go to find something comparable to this horrid black hearted Libertarian Wingnut crap that is overwhelming us since… Since… Well I guess since a black moved into the White House. [Most people will admit that race is some part of all this while being from Texas I contend it is the biggest part of all this.]

I heard a group of pundits from around the table say these people make up 20% of Americans. I noticed none of them lived in Texas! I think they are wrong, its more like 30%. Add up all the Libertarians, Evangelicals, gunnuts, militias, racists and rural families having sex with animals and it becomes the face of America. 

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