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Advice for living in a Trump Nation of Deplorables 58 million strong

A Nation of Deplorables 58 million strong

This feeling you have today will pass.  It is not as bad as you may think, forget the politics and the stock market for now. Instead remember Al Franken’s most infamous SNL sketch.

How will President Donald Trump affect me Rack Jite? I am not Muslim, I am not gay, I am not here illegally, I am not a black male in a hoody with my pants around my knees,  I will not get pregnant and I have no wussy to grab. So what’s the problem?

There may be some new words or memes coming, like SAFE HOUSE and UNDERGROUND and JUST SHOOT ME.
Forget that old IT’S NOT NOON YET denying your first beer of the day in lieu of IS IT 8AM YET?
Perhaps President Trump will redeem himself as the Democrat he once was and give us a terrific single payer system health care system.
Trump likes making deals, perhaps he can actually accomplish something.
Global Warming? Who cares and it’s too late anyway.
Another impeachment to look forward to and President Mike Pence.

So other than your feelings, your political ideology and your moral standards – none of which means doodlysquat in your day to day life – the only real change will be all your Trump supporter friends, relatives and acquaintances getting all uppity and elitist with you.

So take it from a few great philosophers…

Be happy, don’t worry – Bobby McFerrin.

We are here just to fart around – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Have a drink on me – ACDC

Have fun and lend a hand – Rack Jite.

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