American Shithead Awards!

Shitheads of 2012

Winner: Mitt Romney

mitt romneyMitt Romney is now – and will forever be – infamous for declaring that 47% of Americans are moochers on the dole. The math on that is a bit off as minorities are only 37% of our population. So I don’t know who he has in mind for the other 10%. Babies I suppose.

I could go on about Mitt’s religion requiring that he wear magic underwear, that God lives on the Planet Kobo, and Jesus spent his formative years in upstate New York, but then that really isn’t any crazier than any other religious theology.

The real problem with Mitt was how well he represented that wealthy Republican country club culture that is entirely clueless as to what life is like not just for the 47% of us on the dole, but the 99% of us.

Runnerup: Michele Bachmann

michele bachmannWhere to begin…  I have to bring Sarah Palin into this – who as spokeswoman for the mentally challenged tells us it is an abomination to use the term “retarded” unless someone she agrees with uses it. There is something to that, which gives me some caution in calling this silly lady from Minnesota retarded. Let’s just say she is not all there. As my friends the Rolling Stones put it, She’s the Girl with Faraway Eyes.

We would not know what an airhead she is had she not rode shotgun in the 2012 Republican primaries clown car. Though she did serve the purpose of making the rest of the primary clowns look far more reasonable than they actually were. But hey, she won Iowa!

Of course the big problem with Mrs Bachmann is all that ignorance and intolerance so inherent in evangelical Christianity. Being stupid makes it look even worse than it already is. We are so used to this crap coming from stupid white men, it is a good change seeing the same stupid coming from a woman once in awhile. I could go on and on with the specifics but suffice it to say Mrs Bachmann is a lot like Sarah Palin but dumber.

Shitheads of 2011

Winner: Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin there will be bloodI have to include Sister Sarah in these awards before she fades away. If I am not mistaken she is the only national politician who has been dumb enough to have her picture taken with Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent spans the 20th and 21st century so he cannot be defined as the biggest craphead of an entire Century, well not yet anyway. We had to wait for the last century to close before we could bequeath Shithead of the century upon Roy Cohn, even though we all knew he was it even 50 years ago. We will have to wait 88 years to find who will take the prize for the 21st century, but Ted Nugent sure does have a jump on everyone else so far

The lust for blood and killing seems to be what Republicans most like about Mrs Palin. No Lady McBeth she. No trying to rub any blood off her hands, rather she soaks in it.  A woman with a big gun ready to kill any animal from an airplane may not be good sport but it sure makes her likeable to the like minded.

You know having spend a good part of my life as a hunter, I have to say that until these animals are able to shoot back, please don’t call it a sport. It’s killing. For fun. It’s doing the wrong thing. And please, the eating of all that low end meat ends up costing far more than prime rib.

Runnerup: Wayne LaPierre & the NRA

wayne lapierre nraWe give the leader of the NRA runnerup award this year for his promotion of not only 20 round magazines for handguns, but 100 round magazines for assault rifles days after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot down at a mall in Phoenix by a deranged man with a 9mm handgun using 20 round clips. Nothing really new as he did the same after Columbine and Aurora.

The NRA is much like promography, it is hard to find any redeeming social value in it at all. The prevailing attitude of the NRA is not held by 90% of Americans and even the majority of gun owners. LaPierre and the NRA spread the fear and hatred for the money it generates in sales. Especially sales of high end assault rifles.

Keep in mind the amount of people owning guns has been going down for a generation, it is now less than 40%. This means, as you can see, the industry is dependent upon selling entire war room arsenals and massive amounts of ammunition to those who already have too many guns.

For more on this GUNS R US.

Shitheads of 2010

Winner: The Tea Party

Tea party madness In all my years of picking the annual craphead award winners,this year was by far the easiest. Again TIME MAGAZINE completely missed the boat. But then again they have to sell magazines to stupid white people and I don’t.

But there is no denying that this group of middle aged, middle class, overweight and VERY WHITE nitwits had the most affect upon American politics in memory.

Some compare it to 1994 when the issue of HEALTH CARE for all created the Gingrich Revolution, giving control of all of Congress to Newt Gingrich, Dick Army, Tom DeLay and Trent Lott. That was a dark day let me tell you.

Some go back to all those nasty segregationists in the sixties.

If you talk to some from our “Greatest Generation” they well compare the Tea Party to the early 1950’s with the John Birchers and McCarthyism.

I go back even further to see this as the biggest change since the secession movement of 1860, and sadly for much the same reasons.

Speaking of stupid white people, didn’t someone actually write a book by that name? Oops, it was a 2001 book called “Stupid White Men”, by Michael Moore which became the best selling non fiction book of 2002. Mike! How could you forget the ladies? But I guess the American Airhead Association was a rather slim witchcit back then with only Phyllis Schlafly and Ann Coulter being their ugly selves.

It took a black man moving into the White House – and health care reform that would mean white people would be FORCED to help fund less than white people’s health care – for the American Airhead Association to get up and running under the leadership of Sister Sarah Palin and our new gang of witchcits, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and Michele Bachmann. [Note the words around the neck of the man holding the Impeach Obama sign, “Glenn Beck is my Hero.”]

One thing no getting around, the two words that come to mind with Tea Party are “white” and “stupid”.

Runner up: Ken Cuccinelli

ken cuccinelliRunnerup was a bit harder to do this year. It came down to the real power behind the Tea Party, Dick Armey, the newest and soon to become the most powerful elected face of the Tea Party in Congress, Rand Paul – and who I finally settled upon – Ken Cuccinelli who I choose because just in one year he has already accomplished so much to hurt so many for so little reason.

Mr Cuccinelli is often referred to as “The Man who was the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.” He was a rabid Right-wing State Senator on his way out for being too extreme when he was elected last year as Virginia’s Attorney General in the swing to Evangelical Governor Bob McDonnell. Rather than the well deserved extensive name calling this slug of intolerance deserves let’s just go through what he does.

His first and most important claim to fame is that he is the moving force to repeal Health Care Reform as unconstitutional under the commerce clause. 20 more Republican State Attorney General’s have jumped on board. Health care MUST remain too expensive to buy for most and only available for the well deserved. Insurance Company board of directors will decide those issues as to quarterly profit margins.

He is also infamous for this denial of Climate Change. To such an extent that he is directing criminal investigations into Virginia University scientists who make claims that it is real. Who would have guessed that Cuccinelli previously worked as an energy industry lobbyist?

Next comes his extreme bigotry towards gay men and women,

“It is my advice that the law and public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit a college or university from including ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity,’ ‘gender expression,’ or like classification as a protected class within its non-discrimination policy absent specific authorization from the General Assembly.”

He is one of the first to initiate and promote repealing the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to revoke citizenship rights for children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S. He is also pushing laws that those who cannot speak English properly should be disqualified in receiving unemployment benefits.
No sex education funding unless it is Abstinence-only.
Sponsor of legislation to carry handguns in bars.
Rabid Pro Life.
And to top it off he personally re drew the artwork of the Virginia State Seal to hide a clothless breast.
Needless to say, at many Virginia Tea Party rallies CUCCENILLI FOR PRESIDENT signs, posters and bumper stickers prevail. His starting point for the White House is running for Virginia Governor in 2014.

Shithead of the Decade: 2000 – 2009

Winner: George W. Bush

George W Bush craphead of the decadeEven though Vice President Al Gore got half a million more votes, George W Bush became President of the United States in a 5 to 4 political decision by the 5 Republican Supreme Court justices.

He failed to defend us from the September 11, 2001 attack, and did not ask for or receive the resignations of those responsible – Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.

He was soon badgered into a war with Iraq based upon bad information and outright lies from all the Neo Cons he had appointed into matters on foreign policy. He added 5000 more Americans to the list of the 3000 already gone on 911 and a trillion dollars to the debt. Adding insult to injury, he also became the only president who ever reduced taxes (on the wealthy) in a time of war. Funding an unnecessary war on the backs of our children. Borrow (from China) and spend Republicans.

His less than sharp mind also caused him to give our economy over to the unregulated free market purism of Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan. Which proved to be the insane pile of crap it always seemed to be, taking us to the brink of economic collapse and a world depression and the worst recession in history.

Not to mention Abu Grab, Guantanamo Bay, religious intolerance, torture and bestowing upon us a world reputation of hypocrisy, gun waving cowboy swagger, and a library sized lexicon of the dumbest damn things any president ever said.

Runner up: Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney craphead of the decade runnerupAs the man behind the curtain helping Cowboy George give us the worst decade in memory, he also is most responsible for the decision to move the war from Afghanistan to Iraq, to defend and promote torture, to allow energy companies to write energy legislation, in secret, and of course so famously and non chalantly shooting a friend in the face. Just an all around God Awful human with no redeeming social value. Correction! He is for gay rights, but only because he has a gay daughter. You see how these KIND OF PEOPLE think?

Shithead of 2009

Winner: Senator Joe Lieberman

joe liberman2009 showed Joe Lieberman as a political traitor and a vindictive rubber lipped whining creep. Not to mention his decade long NeoCon support of the Iraq War, expanding the Afghanistan war, pounding for war in Iran and just the other day promoting a fourth war with Yemen.

The man is so profoundly disgusting on every level that the word “Shithead” if far too kind.

By threatening to LEAD the Republican filibuster against health care reform, Joe Lieberman is more responsible than anyone for removing the public option and then opposing the Medicare Buy-in compromise – which he had just 3 months earlier promoted.

Droopy Dog Lieberman is a very small man who after being knocked out of the 2006 Democratic Primary in Connecticut and managing to get re elected as an Independent, has based his politics on not only his passion to take revenge on Democrats but his overwhelming hatred of muslims.

Of course it is not TOTALLY about his small minded vindictive nature, but also that Hartford, Connecticut just happens to be the insurance capital of America.

Joe Lieberman is a vindictive political traitor to the people of Connecticut, the historical figure who will be remembered for taking any meaning out of health care reform, and above all a rabid Neo Con who cheered Bush/Cheney into Iraq, is in the pocket of the Right-wing Israeli Likud, is a traitor to the people of Connecticut, and should be sent off to WingWangPoo to bring in Bin Laden. And take William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby with him, and not come back until they have him.

Runner up: Glenn Beck

 glenn beck time magazine
In a year end poll, Glenn Beck beat out the Pope as the 4th most respected to Americans. He is the public face of the Tea Parties, he calls our black President a racist, he cries on the air and is easily the most mentally unstable right-wing lunatic we have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. One could go on and on and on about this nitwit, but it may be easier to just watch the 1976 classic movie NETWORK to understand that FOX NEWS can make buck bucks on putting someone on the air who is just a shot away from the Funny Farm.

The other choice for this award was of course Sarah Palin who Americans gave a tie with Hillary Clinton as the most respected woman – but I am saving her for top honors in the year to come.

Shithead of 2008

Winner: Lou Dobbs

dobbsyellRight-wing liberal hater Glenn Beck had the common decency to move from CNN to the far more fair and balanced Fox News. As Lou Dobbs has not yet made that inevitable move I must ask him the redundant question… “Have you no shame? Have you no decency?”

Fox News Right-wing liberal hater Bill O’Reilly claims he is politically independent as does CNN’s Lou Dobbs. Both these characters are about as politically independent as Ann Coulter. Though two years ago Dobbs did change his voter registration from “republican” to “independent”, he did so as a joke. Much like Robert  Novak has been a life long registered Democrat. It’s what these kind of nastyass conservative political clowns like O’Reilly, Novak and Dobbs do. You don’t see their enormous bulbous shoes under their desks.

Runner up:Lou Dobbs

dobbsmileI have given Lou Dobbs this year’s American Shithead Award partly and runner up for personal reasons. Though I am not Hispanic or Mexican I find that whenever I see that  crap eating smile of his appear on CNN I can’t help but imagine putting him in headlock and smashing his teeth down his throat.

Also on a personal level he has also so soiled CNN CABLE NEWS that I can no longer watch it at all. I miss Christine Amanpour who seems to be the only person in the world that can explain to me what the Hell is going on over there.

But it is this overwhelming hatred of Mexicans that single him out from so many other small minded conservative white men. He hates not only the immigrants – papers or not – but he deeply despises Mexico the country, which he believes we should invade. Oh sure he also hates China and the Chinamen, Russia and the Ruskies, Japan and the Japs, France and the Europeans and the entire African continent. He is the classic conservative xenophobe of our time, but it is Hispanics and specifically Mexicans that has driven Lou Dobbs mad.

There is a conundrum here. Lou Dobbs using CNN for his nightly railing against Hispanics – he is so consumed he even does it on weekends – could very well have been responsible for electing Barack Obama (who he also hates – Obama is weak on immigration).

There is no doubt Lou Dobbs had a big hand in increasing the Hispanic electorate moving to the Democratic Party by over 20%. Perhaps the 6% win by Obama can be attributed to CNN giving Lou Dobbs the daily forum to hate Mexicans so much his hair bleeds. I wonder if there is a Hispanic left that has CNN on their favorites anymore.

Update: CNN fired Lou Dobbs in early December 2009, Dobbs is deciding whether to move to FOX NEWS or believe it or not, run for President. He moved to Fox Business channel in 2011 with the same itinerary.

Shithead of 2007

Winner: Senator Larry Craig

Larry “Widestance” Craig wins this year because perennial winner George W. Bush is just such a loser he can’t win at anything at all anymore. Senator Craig gets the award not for getting caught soliciting sex in an airport men’s room, but for being one of the endless stream of outspoken Republican Family Values bleaters who talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. Adding another level of hypocrisy of a gay politician consistently voting against all gay rights legislation, and yet another level of hypocrisy of leveling immorality attacks upon Bill Clinton. Come on Larry…

The Idaho Statesman has listed the names of six men who have been propositioned by Craig. They also have one unpublished name of a man who has had sex with Craig but does not wish to be named unless it becomes necessary. Gay Rights groups have claimed Craig is gay for most of a decade with an even longer list of witnesses because of his anti-gay rhetoric and votes.

All Craig’s abject hypocrisy aside, there are also the three absurd lies. Keep in mind that Larry Craig pleaded guilty with his appeal denied, and before he entered his own stall, he looked into the adjacent stall and knew it was occupied.

His wide stance? Go into a public stall and put both feet beyond the wall of either side (knowing someone is sitting next door.) Come on Larry…

His hand venturing into the next stall (which he knows is occupied)? To pick up a piece of stray toilet paper behind the toilet bowl. Picking up someone else’s used toilet paper in a public restroom? Come on Larry…

And lastly his claim that he would have to be a contortionist to slide his left hand palm up under the right wall of the stall which is no harder to do than contorting the right hand to slide palm up under the wall. Come on Larry…

And of course the coup de grace, saying he would resign and then later refusing to do so, giving the Democrats an entire Presidential election cycle to remind voters of the GOP Family Values hypocrisy which was half the reason they lost the House and Senate in 2006.

Runner up: Alberto Gonzales

Who would have ever thought that a newly Bush appointed Attorney General could possibly be worse than the previous Attorney General The Ayatolla John Ashcroft? Alberto Gonzales may not have forced daily prayer sessions in his office, draped curtains over the breasts of classical statues or poured Crisco cooking oil over his head to anoint himself with each new job, but as an incompetent Bush/Rove “yes man” he politicized the Justice Department to such an extent than even Republicans finally had enough of Mr. Don’t Recall.


Firing Republican appointed federal persecutors because they did not pursue bogus indictments against specific Democrats opposing Republicans in the 2006 elections was a new historic low point in politicizing American Justice.

Shithead of 2006

 Winner: George W. Bush (again)

george w. bush

“This is the worst president ever, he is the worst president in all of American history.” Helen Thomas White House correspondent to 8 presidents.


Runner up: Don Rumsfeld

 donald rumsfeldLeader of the bloody Neo Cons, his dumbass plan and failed execution of his dumbass plan along with nastyass personality helped the Democrats gain both houses of congress. But even that saving grace can’t hide the fact that he is a major craphead. Between his time in the Reagan Administration and joining the Bush Administration, Rumsfeld was the top lobbyist and spokesmen for Reagan’s simple minded, budget busting, and failed Star Wars plan. Experts in the field complained that with the Soviet Union disbanded, those who wish us ill would find new ways to create havoc for us which a missile defense system could not fix. Rumsfeld himself in the Pentagon one morning in September of 2001 had that fact flown right into him. To no avail.

I am sure the money powers that be will find Don a soft job with millions in stock options for his service to them. Unless of course we put him in shackles and send him to The Hague for war crimes.

Shithead of 2005

Winner: Dick Cheney

vice president dick cheneyThough this past year saw the Vice President as the face of war and torture in the world, this award is directed at his nature; a mean, cold, callous, heartless a whole.  Daddy Bush, knowing that if his dull witted first born through some horrible accident, actually won the Presidency, he would be in way over his head. So Dad assigned a competent adult to actually run things. Sadly for Dick, he has fallen out of favor with both Daddy Bush and Brent Scrowcroft as being responsible for destroying Little George’s Presidency.

Runner up:  Tom DeLay

tom delayThe Hammer gets runner up again! He just is not worth naming a winner in anything at all. Not only is he the most intolerant fundamentalist anti-environmentalist bully and right-wing a whole in Congress, but a liar and a crook as well. He has lost his reign as Majority Leader and even here in Dumb Dumb Land where he has enjoyed 70% of the votes for over a decade, he is losing.


Shithead of 2004

Winner: John O’Neil

swift boat veteran john o'neilIn 1971 Richard Nixon wanted to crush the peace movement in America. His aid Charles Colson brought to his attention a young anti-war upstart by the name of John Kerry. Colson told Nixon he guy was the most credible voice in the movement and had to be compromised. The two hand picked a recent Vietnam Veteran named John O’Neil to confront the young war hero on the Dick Cavett show. Nixon picked someone even more unfavorable to television cameras than he was. Mr. O’Neil came off as an obtuse skinny little Nixon Wonk who spent most of the hour fumbling through his notes, stammering, whining and being made a complete fool of.

He never forgot. Leading up to the 2004 election he organized and helped fund the Swiftboat Vets in the most ubiquitous and dishonest character assassination in American election history. This pussbag went so far over the line that as election day closed in he ran ads of grey haired old widows looking into the camera telling point blank lies and blaming Senator Kerry for their husbands deaths. Like Arkansas lawyer Cliff Jackson who spent his life trying to destroy Bill Clinton resulting in an impeachment, O’Neil’s life long vendetta may have been the straw that broke Kerry’s back. He also made big money on a book rushed out by Right-wing publisher Regnery Publishing.

Runner up: The Slave States

slave statesOften a picture really is worth a thousand words. This election was close enough for us to blame either God, Guns, Gays or more probably Soccer Moms voting the fear of eminent annihilation George Bush and company so successfully planted into the campaign. The most important aspect to remember from the exit polls is that 70% of our Red States believed that Saddam Hussein was involved in 911, and that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. How did so many people came to accept such easily dismissed lies?

There lies the elephant in the room. What do they listen to on the radio? What TV channel do they singularly watch to get their news? What websites do they go to?

Shithead of 2003

Winner: Rush Limbaugh

“And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up.” Rush Limbaugh

rush limbaugh eib pigMr. Limbaugh took runner-up for Shithead of the Decade a few years ago, but his recent hypocrisy regarding drug use and character puts him head and shoulders above the rest of the conservative drug addicts. After all, Sean Hannity is obviously on crank and Ann Coulter must be  addicted to some mind altering substance.

 It came fast and furious for Rush. On a Monday he lost what he had said was the job of his life at ESPN. He did so by playing the old racist card that Blacks are not well suited for the more intellectual jobs of coaching and quarterbacking in the NFL. Though he did it by directing it at the Negro-loving Liberal Media, he did it just the same. On Tuesday came the charges of morphine addiction.

Doing the numbers on Rush’s stash, over the past five years or so he has been doing about a dozen hits of morphine a day. Mostly time release Oxycontin, an opiate designed to be taken once a day. He seems to have been in possession of hundreds if not thousands of morphine based drugs at any one time. In our War on Drugs, such extensive quantities lead to the charge of felony intent to distribute rather than misdemeanor possession. Depending on type of drug, federal law requires minimum sentencing of five to ten years in prison. Rush bought thousands of hits of morphine from his housekeeper who was a dealer, and thousands more through Doctor Shopping, which is also a felony in Florida.

With no hope of lying his way out of this fix, he promptly entered a high end dry out facility for a month. Such places often put wealthy White people to sleep for a few days so they don’t have to suffer any physical withdrawal sickness the rest of us do. Thirty days later he came bursting back on the air to tell us he learned a great lesson! That he had to start thinking more about himself rather than be so concerned with others. Wow hey! I had to laugh like hell. Slowly came more information concerning Limbaugh’s criminal responsibilities regarding: Possession, cash drug deals, money laundering, payoffs and doctor shopping.

Rush’s descent into such depths of hypocrisy concerning both drugs and character issues will find no sympathy from this quarter. The list of his quotes in support of more draconian measures regarding the War on Drugs is more than substantial. The day after the addiction related deaths of both Jerry Garcia and later Kurt Cobain, he called them foul names, laughed and applauded. He has also said that White drug users should be put in jail just like Black ones. All enough to make the point.

But it is the character issue that takes the cake regarding the hypocrisy of this piece of human debris. Twenty years of daily screaming about personal accountability, taking responsibility for our actions and the inherent evil of anyone playing victim. For years he has whined about Hillary Clintons statement regarding a REAL Right-wing Conspiracy directed at she and her husband. I give you this, perhaps the most extreme example of hypocrisy in human history.

“My friends, it is, and has been, obvious to me for the longest time that all these leaks were an attempt to try me in the court of public opinion. The Democrats in this country still cannot defeat me in the arena of political ideas, and so now they are trying to do so in the court of public opinion and the legal system.” Rush Limbaugh 1/2003 on an IMAGINED left-wing conspiracy.

Hypocrisy aside, what a thing to say from his mansion on the beach of conservative Palm Beach County, in the conservative State of Florida where he is personal friends with the conservative Governor, in a country where is he a personal friend of the conservative President, where he is a personal friend of conservative SC Justice Clarence Thomas and where he is an honorary member of the conservative Congress. Poor Poor Pitiful Rush. Perhaps its time for Rush to get out while the gettins good.

Runner up: Richard Pearle

richard pearleI use Mr. Pearle is a representative of the group of NeoCons who are pulling that string coming out of the top of our president’s head. Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove and William Kristol the main players. All of whom chose not to fight in any war themselves. Pearle, nick named “The Prince of Darkness”, was recently fired from a Defense advisory group for war profiteering. No matter who we speak of in this gang (who run this country) their speeches, articles and position papers, all funded by conservative magazines and think-tanks, contain the same focused rhetoric: Oil, sticks, stones, bullets, bombs, invasions, killings, torture, executions, war and initiating war. It is what NeoCon has come to mean, those whose very existence revolves around killing lots of people in lots of places unless they conform to our cultural ideals and corporate ventures.

Shithead of 2002

George W. Bush – Winner

george w. bush dufusI was saving Cowboy George for the year he starts World War Three, but I just can’t hold off any longer. Forget his mumblings and bumblings coming by so often and so inane you want to shoot yourself for being an American. Forget last years’ big tax break for mostly the wealthy which squandered Clinton’s surplus into deficit and once again began increasing the debt. Forget that it was Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice who sat behind desks where the buck stops when we suffered the worst attack on America in history. Forget that he has utterly failed to get those responsible, bin Laden, as he said he would.  Let’s just stick to 2002. Unemployment up 40% and rising fast. Savings and retirements down 35% and still going down. Stock market down more percentage points since 1929 and still going down. Health care, health insurance and prescription drug costs up. A pending personal preemptive war in the middle of the Arab world that can only destabilize the region, cause more terrorism and substantially increase the world angst toward America than there already is. And not to forget his new end of the year tax plan to put in effect (as he has control of all branches of government) to make last years’ tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, and to begin yet another round of big tax cuts for the wealthy under the guise of a stimulus package.

Some of these trillions he is giving away to those with the most comes from eliminating education and social programs for the least of us, but the vast majority of this biggest borrow and spend plan in history will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

The American People – Runner up  

american clownsFor giving the most incompetent President in memorable history 70% positive support rating. To see patriotic jingoism and religious exploitation so easily and so completely cloud American minds has moved from depressing to terrifying.

Intelligent voting public my ass

Shithead of 2001

Time Magazine (Time Warner/AOL) – Winner

rudy giuliani time magazineBy picking Rudy Giuliani as the man who had the “greatest impact, for good or ill” in the world, the media proved once and for all what whores they are. The truth be dammed, they are only going to give us what we want to hear to make the board of directors happy. If they had done the right thing, and put Bin Laden on the cover, they would have lost hundreds of thousands of customers to Newsweek. Of the tens of thousands of submissions they received, the top seven were; Bush (good), Giuliani (good), Bin Laden (ill), Ashcroft (ill), Rumsfeld (good), Daschle (good). It sure is easy to see where their best bet was to not phis anyone off. Wouldn’t want the media phising anyone off, hurts share. And share is the only thing its about anymore.

John Ashcroft  –  Runner up

john ashcroftMr. Ashcroft has now made Runner up status two years in a row. I am sure within the next two years he will do something so disgusting he will make it to the winner’s circle. This year he has pushed our judicial system into using secret military tribunals to deal out executions, rescinded our constitutional rights of due process and habeas corpus. While his extreme States Rights ideology has moved the federal government into both California and Oregon to deny extremely ill, and terminal patients their State Right of using marijuana to relieve pain and to get a doctor’s help to end the pain once and for all. Perhaps the answer to the latter, considering his extreme fondness of capital punishment, is to have anyone trying to commit suicide, executed immediately by a secret Military Tribunal. What is so alarming about this bozo, is not that he is incapable of seeing himself as the Taliban clone he is, but the tens of millions of Americans who can’t see it either.

Shithead of 2001

Antonin “Benito” Scalia  – Winner

scaliaThe most conservative Supreme Court Justice in American history takes this years award for being the de facto leader in destroying the credibility of the Supreme Court by putting his politics above the very concept of democracy. Secondly, for his onerous hypocrisy of going against what he and all conservatives so adamantly stand for, states rights over federal interference. And lastly, for selecting George Bush as President for the personal gain of becoming the actual Chief Justice. [Do not forget that only a year earlier he said he would probably leave the court if Gore won.] Antonin Scalia, fascist slime.

John “The Crisco Kid” Ashcroft  –  Runner up

john ashcroft oiledTo lend credibility to his national call to put partisan politics aside, George Bush appointed the most intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, pro Life fundamentalist right-wing lunatic the United States Senate had to offer. To, I might add, the most sensitive post, Attorney General of the United States. Ashcroft not only beats out Jesse Helms and Bob Smith with the respect of rightwing lobbies and think tanks, but even gets the highest rating of the worst of the bunch, the John Birch Society. Because Attorney General of the United States is a much more important job than those jobs he anointed himself with cooking oil for in the past, perhaps this time he should strip down, have Clarence “Slappy” Thomas rub Crisco all over his body, put a red ball on his nose and go tell Negro jokes at various state execution chambers.

 Shithead of 1999

Henry Hyde – Winner

henry hyde adultererAs leader of the House Managers and the central impetus for impeachment proceedings over a one year affair President Clinton had with a single woman when he was 53 years old. The same Henry Hyde who had a six year ongoing affair with a married woman, destroying that marriage and family claiming it was only a youthful indiscretion, when he was 48 years old.

Tom Delay – Runner Up

tom delay crookFor standing in the Well of Congress with tears streaming down his face charging Democrats of sleazy, underhanded, family destroying vindictiveness for making Speaker Elect Bob Livingston’s family suffer through the pain of having his sexual indiscretions made public. An hypocrisy beyond anything ever before witnessed in the realm of human history. Also for being the most obnoxious, crooked, money grubbing, anti-environment, Right-wing Fundamentalist Christian to have ever graced the House of Representatives. And because he represents ME

Shithead of 1998

Kenneth Starr – Winner

kenneth StarrThe “independent” conservative ideologue who could find no legal proof of Bill Clinton being guilty of anything at all, finally resorted to threatening numerous women with jail to get sexual information to use to rescind the Presidential election of 1996, which findings he made public in the most filthy legal report ever filed. He took the GOP, the office of the Presidency and all of us down in the gutter with him, peeking in windows and denying the right of any personal privacy at all.

Matt Drudge – Runnerup

matt drudge uglyThis disgusting right-wing gossip-snitch made it to the big time being the first to go public with the information Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg fed him about Monica Lewinsky. His success at almost bringing down the Presidency won him favor with the very conservatively bias Fox News Network who gave him his own show. But way over his head as a TV pundit, he lasted only a few months before he was dumped back to that computer in his empty bedroom.


Shithead of the Decade: 1990 – 1999

Newt Gingrich – Winner

newt gingrich clownAdmitted having an affair for years before he served his first wife divorce papers while she lay in a hospital bed recovering from a cancer operation. Admitted to committing adultery on his second wife with a House employee since 1993. The “definer of civilization” has lived in a state of adultery most of his adult life, all while orchestrating the attack on Bill Clinton for committing adultery. When it comes to character, Newt Gingrich doesn’t reach Bill Clinton’s instep.

Rush Limbaugh – Runnerup

rush limbaugh pigFor a decade, this three times married with no children “family values” advocate, has used the radio to disseminate more Right-wing hatred, name calling, bigotry, lies, libel and abject hypocrisy than both Father Couglin and Joseph Geobbels put together.



Shithead of the 20th Century

Roy Cohn – Winner (minority category)

roy cohn mccarthyThe homophobic homosexual and Anti-Semitic Jew who not only dealt the deal to execute the Rosenbergs, but as Joe McCarthy’s top advisor, was the impetus behind McCarthyism. Justifiably, he died a long painful lingering death from AIDS.

Joe McCarthy – 1st Runner Up (dumbass category)

joe mccarthyJoesph McCarthy, who with the help of the above piece of crap, gave us McCarthyism.


Linda Tripp – Runner up (hot babe category)

linda tripp ugly witchShe illegally recorded phone conversations to betray a friend to get a book deal no matter almost bringing down the government. Perceived as so smarmy she has undergone extensive plastic surgery to hide her identity. Try as I might I cannot come up with the name of any other woman in the history of the New World more despicable than Linda Tripp.


If you feel I am mistaken in any of these awards and have better candidates, let me know. But please, criminals and x-spouses do not count.