American Exceptionalism: Assault rifles with 100 round clip, hand gun 40 round clips

aurora ar15 with 100 round clip

Go there and click around. how disgusting… Get your 100 round clip for your assault rifles at Sears. And you 40 clips for your hand guns at Walmart.
Over sized clips are good for only specific things:

Killing many people in a movie theater
Killing many people outside a mall
Killing many people in a classroom
Killing many other cartel members
Killing many other gang members
Killing many police officers
Killing many or our troops

GUNS! What are they good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So who will speak up to these magazines that have no purpose other than just what this newly formed gun nut used them for? No one outside NY CITY who wants to get elected, re elected or wants to keep their job at a TV station.

But why is Rack so consumed with this issue some may ask. After all he is a gun owner and a hunter.

There is one other issue I am also consumed with. Capital Punishment. These two issues, the boisterous celebration of gunplay and executions – along with slapping our children around – are what makes America the most EXCEPTIONALLY violent industrialized nation on Earth. BY FAR. Off the map violent. Which is the same issue that bleeds into my views on religion. All that celebration of violence on the back of Jesus Christ no less. How EXCEPTIONALLY disgusting.