Americans pick Tim Tebow as most desired Thanksgiving guest

tim tebow and woody johnson

Tim Tebow & Woody Johnson, Fantasy Football

Lots of interesting stuff going on with the New York Jets.  Tim Tebow, know as the world’s most famous bench warmer and voted as the most overrated player in the NFL by sports writers,  has a Nielson poll showing him the most desired guest for Thanksgiving Dinner. At 23% Tebow got FIVE TIMES as many votes as President Obama. He also beat Lady Gaga and Big Bird!

Jet’s Owner Woody Johnson last month announced to Jets fans that getting rid of President Obama was more important to him than a winning season for his team. Though I could find no reporting on what the millions of African-American Jets fans (or Democrat Jet fans for that matter) thought about that – or the squeaky clean white boy Tim Teboy. I can assume that subsequently not a few Jets fans became Giants fans.

Is this what they call Fantasy Football?  The most popular player in the NFL – or I suppose the most popular person in the world – lives in the fantasy of evangelical fundamentalism while the owner of the team lives inside the fantasy bubble of the Conservative Entertainment Complex.

Evangelical fundamentalism is the largest single sectarian religion in America. It is white, rural and stupid. “Evangelical” means pushing/forcing one’s religion upon others. “Fundamentalism” means taking THE BOOK of their religion literally, that everything in it means just what it says and was written by the hand of God. There is an even larger religion that has the same parameters called ISLAM.  With a sub set called The Taliban. Why don’t they all team up? Tebow tops Obama in holiday poll

Tebow tops Obama in holiday poll