America’s Best Christian Reads Letters from Some of America’s Worst

America's Best Christian Reads Letters from Some of America's Worst

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, reads letters to Michael Weinstein, (not Harvey) founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which fights for separation of church and state in our military. While this seems like a constitutional and worthwhile endeavor, you’ll go far to find a more stunning pile of hateful bile than this selection written by self-proclaimed Christians. The writers stand corrected by Mrs. Betty Bowers, whose tart wit leaves a gratifying burn on the uncharitable authors – perhaps a taste of torment to come?

I cannot repeat most of the letters written to Weinstein without exhausting my supply of *&$@!#?;*’s for the year. These are the sort of ‘Christians’ who look forward to Heaven, because they believe it will afford them a delightful, fun-filled view of the tormented souls in Hell. They may want to make alternative plans.

Because of Michael Weinstein’s name, the writers vomited enormous amount of antisemitism into these hate-filled and ignorant ‘Christian’ letters. How has it escaped these morons that Jesus was JEWISH?