An Early Black Friday Thanksgiving, armed with atttitude, FOD

Armed for black friday

From the desk of Mr Outoftouch: I went to Best Buy yesterday at about Noon to see about a new dishwasher. As I went in I joked to a woman on a barstool sitting near the door, “Is this the line for the WE WE?” She didn’t get it. Coming out a half hour later I noticed she had a friend in a folding chair, and a pickup truck had backed up to the wall a couple guys were unloading 2 or 3 more chairs. They were blacks I joked, “You the We We Man!” Blank stares.¬† It wasn’t until that evening I realized those people were actually getting in line for a 2 and a half day wait for Black Friday. To buy some gadget or another. Well to be fair, to buy a big bag full of gadgets. It only reenforced what I already knew. DON’T GO OUT OF THE HOUSE ON THE FRIDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. EVER. NO MATTER WHAT. It could be the last errand you run, and changes are, whatever it is you want, has been gobbled up even before Friday begins.