Jesus Quotes the Republican Candidates Jimmy Kimmel

Jesus Quotes the Republican Candidates  Jimmy Kimmel

It's obvious that God is very much a part of this primary election, and because the candidates go out of their way to mention the Bible and their Christian faith at every opportunity, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be interesting to take real quotes from the primary candidates and have them come from the mouth ... Full Article & Video

Donald Trump Sabotages Wife Melania’s Interview

Donald Trump Sabotages Wife Melania

'Wolf Blitzer's' hilarious interview with Melania Trump takes a bizarre turn, when Donald Trump drops in uninvited to steer the interview away from immigration and into his own 'classy' views on polygamy, Melania's advancing age and his charitable program 'Save the Hotties.' This is the best and most we've seen of Trump's third wife, who ... Full Article & Video