Must See – Obama’s Sizzling Mic Drop Burn Destroys Donald Trump – #MeanTweets, Jimmy Kimmel

Must See - Obama

President Obama returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live to read and answer Presidential #MeanTweets, which takes quite a bit of courage. The President truly has a tough job, and although he's experiencing unprecedented popularity, critics abound. Because the comments are taken from Twitter, it should be no surprise that Donald Trump - the 'real' one, registered ... Full Article & Video

Clinton and Trump’s Final Debate, Trump’s Interruptions & Nasty Accusation – Jimmy Kimmel video

Clinton & Trump

In case you somehow missed it, the final Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump was more focused on the issues than were the previous two debates. There wasn't as much back and forth - verbally or physically, which is hard for Donald Trump. However, to his credit, he did manage to keep his interruptions short ... Full Article & Video

That’s Not The Donald Trump I Know, Says Melania Trump & Others – Jimmy Kimmel


Melania Trump told Anderson Cooper that the disgusting talk she heard on the Access Hollywood tape was "not the Donald I know." "My husband is a gentleman," Melania further recited.  While we try to reconcile the lofty description of 'gentleman' with the petty, vile, sniping narcissist we've come to know, consider Jimmy Kimmel's observation. It ... Full Article & Video

Secrets of Steve Scully ‘The Most Patient Man on Television’ – John Oliver

The Secret Inner Workings of Steve Scully,

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” has a running segment called 'The Most Patient Man on Television Endures the American Public.' The segment features clips of C-SPAN host Steve Scully taking a variety of un-screened calls. It is impossible not to wonder how Scully maintains his patient and polite composure as one unhinged caller after ... Full Article & Video

‘Family Guy’ Shreds Trump, with Peter Griffin in ‘Access Hollywood’ Bus Video Clip

Incredibly there is one more version of Donald Trump's doomed Access Hollywood tape that has just been leaked.  'Family Guy' star Peter Griffin was aboard the bus, although the animated character was dubbed out of the now-infamous version.  While the 'locker room talk' episode has been satirized and analyzed all week, this clip from the ... Full Article & Video

Betty Bowers Reads REAL Letters to MRFF from ‘Christians’ Who Hate Jews, Love Jesus ?

Betty Bowers Reads REAL Letters to MRFF from Military Christians Who Hate Jews - Like Jesus?

Betty Bowers was asked to read letters written to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation by charming Real American® True Christians™ Patriots©.  The MRFF is a non-profit organization devoted to ensuring that our secular nation's military respect the First Amendment Establishment Clause and not promote any particular religion.I would assume that as a Christian in the ... Full Article & Video