Key & Peele: Jimmy Makes Fool of Substitute Teacher 4

Key & Peele: Jimmy Makes Fool of Substitute Teacher 4

As the title reveals, Key and Peele have made three previous 'Substitute Teacher' videos, all of which have been unique and extremely funny.  In the original 'substitute teacher' video, a street-wise sub from a rougher part of town, will not tolerate nonsense from his new charges. He believes that his white, middle class homeroom students ... Full Article & Video

Conan Obrien: Bizarre Budget DIY Thanksgiving Tips

Conan Obrien:  Bizarre Budget DIY Thanksgiving Tips

Conan Brien's insanely cheap prop-master, Bill Tull shows you how to celebrate Thanksgiving the frugal way.   If you dare - check out Bill's extra special bargains. For all of you, who love the satisfaction of a DIY project, over an expensive store-bought item, Bill is your guru this Thanksgiving season.   Following along with Bill, ... Full Article & Video

At Midnight: Comedians Aid Anonymous in KKK Hack

At Midnight: Comedians Offer Hilarious Help for Anonymous Hack Attack on KKK over Ferguson

  In a brief segment from the Comedy Central show 'At Midnight' hosted by Chris Hardwick, comedians Keegan Michael Key. Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel take on the topic "Insane Klan Posse." Their mission is to quickly devise  more diabolical ways for Anonymous to Harass the Klan, now that they have hacked their Twitter page - Full Article & Video

Hipster Pilgrims The Gentrifigiving of Taco Tuesday

Hipster Pilgrims The Gentrifigiving or Taco Tuesday

Color TV Comedy cleverly spins the story of the first Thanksgiving, and how it relates to the current day. You see, Gentrifigiving all began when affluent Hipsters landed on Eagle Rock. Hold on a minute - that's not exactly right.  Actually, it's been happening ever since the Pilgrims landed on that other famous rock. The ... Full Article & Video

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

Fallon Hashtags: Thanksgiving Fail

With Turkey Day fast approaching, Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #ThanksgivingFail. It strikes me that it's incorrect to call these incidents 'fails.' They are often the stuff of fond memory...From a safe distance of time. I know that no one will forget the Year of the Flaming Turkey at my house. Please Full Article & Video

Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

Jimmy Kimmel Hide & Speak: Worst Facebook Friends

In honor of National Un-Friend Day, Jimmy's cousin Sal went out to Hollywood Boulevard to talk to people about the those who annoy them on Facebook. He let them put on masks so they could be totally honest. That's right. A mask allowed these people to be brutally honest with their Facebook 'friends' and in ... Full Article & Video

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

"Never have so many benefited from screwing so many."  It genuinely is the "If you vote for me, I'll kill your puppy" platform, and those with the most to lose gladly voted for those who will surely take it from them. Why would voters elect the candidate who has promised to continue mistreating them, while ... Full Article & Video

Ellen: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

The Ellen Show: Hilarious Weird Toys NSFW

Ellen devotes a hilarious segment to introducing some of the most amazing new toys you may want to put on your holiday shopping list!   I probably don't have to tell you that Ellen also found a few toys that nobody wants to find under their tree, and for that reason, they were taken off the ... Full Article & Video

Letterman: Presidents Second Acts, Pope & Evolution

Letterman:Presidents Second Acts,the Pope & Evolution, Obama Flies the Bird

David Letterman's hilarious monologue from Monday is far-reaching. From religion and science to world events and politics, Dave has it all. Dave takes you to Vatican City to hear Pope Francis tell throngs of people why he believes in evolution. I was shocked. I've always theorized that the Pope's stance was based in large part on Full Article & Video