Why Republicans Love Ebola!

Why Republicans and Pundits Love Their Ebola Buddy!

  Now that politicians and pundits are using Ebola to score political points, it seems only natural for Ebola Buddy to be a vice presidential candidate, or at very least a trusted political consultant.  (Never mind that thousands are dying in West Africa and you should donate to Doctors Without Full Article & Video

The Ultimate Guide to Trading Halloween Candy

The Ultimate Guide to Trading Halloween Candy

This Buzzfeed Video tells you everything you need to know to get ahead in the candy trading game. Absolutely everything. Trading candy is a skill that can greatly improve the quality of your candy stash. However be warned there are rules and regulations. Watch this video to hone your candy Full Article & Video

Megyn Kelly’s Hilarious Voter Fraud Gotcha Fail!

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly's big Colorado voter fraud story was a four-alarm, crooked Democrat 'gotcha' for Fox News!   Leave it to Rachel Maddow to douse the scandal with secret information -also available to Megyn Kelly, Fox News researchers, and 5th graders with an internet connection. But first, let's re-live Kelly's moment in Full Article & Video