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“We Had No Idea,” Say GOP Congressmen

Crazyass, WI – A non-scientific poll of Republican members of Congress revealed that many members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate may be dangerously out of touch with their constituencies, it was revealed today.  The Coalition for Congressional Communication, a non-partisan think-tank in College Park, Maryland, asked 60 randomly chosen  republican senators and representatives to give their initial impressions following CNN’s Monday night Democratic Presidential Candidate’s debate. Some of their responses would cause people to wonder if the congressmen spent any time outside the beltway.  “It’s remarkable that average US citizens don’t seem to care as much about gay marriage, communism, and our annual wage hike as they do crime, the economy, and the war in Iraq,” said one unidentified respondent to the survey. All respondents were guaranteed anonymity by the CCC.  Another elected official added, “Some of those in our districts actually seem to think we shouldn’t be so quick to be respond to the needs of corporate interests. They seem to  expect us to live on our paychecks.”   “I assure you, if some of those people had to live in our world, and face the kind of harsh realities we do in out day-to-day lives, they’d be singing another tune,” chimed in yet another lawmaker.  The CCC plans to follow up the proposed similar debate among Democratic candidates later this summer.