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Author: rackjite

World War III Insanity Cause for Immediate Impeachment

Guiliani 2008! Worse Than Bush!

This video
along with the following piece by Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria screams for the immediate impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. They are nuts! Do it now! Before it’s too late.
Note the name Norman Podhoretz as the
central figure pounding his big bass war drum into our slow witted and evermore insane President. Norman Podhoretz is at present
Rudi Giuliuani’s top Foreign Policy Consultant. Secretary of State to be?

Stalin, Mao And … Ahmadinejad?
Conservatives have become surprisingly charitable about two of history’s greatest mass murderers.
By Fareed Zakaria
NEWSWEEK Oct 20, 2007

a meeting with reporters last week, President Bush said that "if you’re
interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be
interested in preventing [Iran] from having the knowledge necessary to
make a nuclear weapon." These were not the barbs of some
neoconservative crank or sidelined politician looking for publicity.
This was the president of the United States, invoking the specter of
World War III if Iran gained even the knowledge.

American discussion about Iran has lost all connection to reality.
Norman Podhoretz, the neoconservative ideologist whom Bush has
consulted on this topic, has written that Iran’s President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad is "like Hitler … a revolutionary whose objective is to
overturn the going international system and to replace it in the
fullness of time with a new order dominated by Iran and ruled by the
religio-political culture of Islamofascism." For this staggering
proposition Podhoretz provides not a scintilla of evidence.

is the reality. Iran has an economy the size of Finland’s and an annual
defense budget of around $4.8 billion. It has not invaded a country
since the late 18th century. The United States has a GDP that is 68
times larger and defense expenditures that are 110 times greater.
Israel and every Arab country (except Syria and Iraq) are quietly or
actively allied against Iran. And yet we are to believe that Tehran is
about to overturn the international system and replace it with an
Islamo-fascist order? What planet are we on?

Will Crazy Cheney Get his War with Iran? Maureen Dowd

October 24, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist
Madness as Method

Dick Cheney’s craziness used to influence foreign policy.

Now it is foreign policy.

He may have lost his buddy in belligerence, Rummy. He may have
tapped out the military in Iraq. He may not be able to persuade
Congress so easily anymore — except for Hillary — to issue warlike
resolutions. He can’t cow Condi into supporting his bullying as he once
did, and Bob Gates is doing his best to instill some common sense.

Besides, Cheney is running out of time to wreak global havoc; he’s
working for a president who is spending his waning days on the job
trying to prevent children from getting health insurance.

But the vice president may have hit on a devious tactic used by his old boss Richard Nixon.