Ayn Rand Republican Paul Ryan Booed at townhall meeting

Have the tables turned? It was not that long ago that town hall meetings were top news for all the anger expressed at the Democratic Agenda. Here we see it coming round to bite the Republicans on the ass.

Though they are silly, stupid and irritating, it is not the Evangelicals, Birthers, Gunnuts or even bigots, homophobes and racists that cause most of the misery in the world. It is not the Palins, Becks, Trumps, Huckabees and Bachmanns who get all the press. Rather it is the same old country club Republicans who have been doing it to us for a century.  It is the likes of Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, CATO, Koch Brothers, David Brooks, Roger Ailes, George Will, Scaila, Roberts, Thomas, Grover Norquist who actively and loudly want to destroy the New Deal and all things that help most Americans get a leg up.

What they do and who they hurt is not limited to only pregnant women, gays, blacks, Hispanics and the poor, but a kick in the head to everyone. Whether it be the destruction of GOVERNMENT education, GOVERNMENT retirement, GOVERNMENT health care, GOVERNMENT unemployment comp, GOVERNMENT environment, GOVERNMENT employees… All must be replaced by privatization and bottom line profit for a few. Which hurts us all sooner or later.

Sadly it is an AMERICAN attitude that is not shared with the rest of the civilized world. Say what you will about that REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD but there is something they all agree on. No matter how they deal with health care, they easily and universally understand the immorality of profiting on the sick and ailing. Some nations have the government do it, others work it out through non profit private insurance, others a mix of the two, but none of them allow mindless profit to drive issues of life and death. They are all more Christian than we are.

What’s the word on the debt?  It’s two words, Medicare and Medicaid. The answer is before us, its everywhere look in the world, it is simple and can be implemented quickly but we refuse to address it.  Everyone pays in to a health care plan either government run or non profit. Result is a better health care system at less cost but the end of the debt and deficit in one process. But it will not happen as long as the ghost of The Wicked Witch of the West Ayn Rand haunts the GOP.

  • Buffy

    Ryan’s staffers will be eternally grateful for the movie version. It’s a big book, with NO pictures!

  • Gramps

    Mr. Paul Ryan, [R Wisconsin] the very same gentleman that requires his staffers to read Ayn Rand’s, heavy tome “Atlas Shrugged”…

    Ah yes John Galt, Ayn Rand’s, proverbial, over-achieving, materialistic, filthy rich, hero of note. Only question that Ayn never answered, when John decided to go on a “rich man’s strike” [or Galt] with all his “billions”; who was going to serve as his gardeners, cooks, butlers, maids, chuffers, executive assistants, etc? My though would be all the other less wealthy, multi-millionaires that “went shrug” with him?

    Most important question of all; which of the multi-millionaire babes that went along to “Gaultlandia”, would be willing to serve as his “main squeeze” and put up with his smelly breath, bed farts and limp dick?

    Suggestion guyes and gurrls, change yer name to John or Johnny and GO GALT…

    At least you’ll be able to take some “Viagra” along this time around [Ayn started writing her tome, in the forty’s and didn’t publish until 1957.]…I have no answer, for how you might handle yer bad breath and vicarious, audible, nocturnal farting.

    As for me; Dagny and Hank were the only persons that found real meaning in their lives and industrious, ambitions. One might even surmise their imagination was a harbinger for the “green revolution” when they discovered, amongst the ruins of an abandoned factory, an incomplete motor that transforms atmospheric static electricity into kinetic electricity…?

    As for John, baby; did he actually reemerge as the ”anti Christ” or the “twelfth imam”, to save the now decimated world…

    To bad, Ayn ain’t around to fill in the details…Hugs Ayn…!

  • Rack Jite

    I thought the GOP had gone into the dust of history after the Impeachment. Instead we got 8 years of a moron. THen I though that 911 would get American to come to terms with the horrors of EVANGELICAL RELIGION. But it only got worse… Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

  • http://houstonwade.com Houston Wade

    2012 is shaping up to be a horrible year to be a Republican in office. If the house starts threatening to not raise the debt ceiling and we start to see run away inflation and interest rates in the teens they are so screwed… Wel,, I guess we’ll all be screwed if that happens, actually. They keep listening to this really loud minority of teabaggers and think it’s “The People” talking. A mob of retards is what is going to bring this country to it’s knees.