Bad Girls Bad Girls what ya gonna do when Zachary Ailes come for you?

Bad Girls Bad Girls what ya gonna do when Zachary Ailes come for you?

“I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them and Hell is coming with me.” 17-year-old Zachary Ailes.

No surprise there as everyone assumed Roger Ailes had a direct line to Hell which he passed on to his son Zachary. How many women is it this little dickhead has to… to… um… Gee, I dunno, what does Hell do to women anyway? Pitchforking their snatch?

But it was not all sorrow and grief there were a few funny moments like this one.

“A champion of women!” Said Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle who is now the presumed replacement for Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

And this from the clergy.

“He [Ailes] suffered quite a bit from the accusations of sexual harassment brought by several women at the network that led to his ouster.” Said eulogy director Monsignor Thomas Klinzing.

Poor Roger, suffering in his Palm Beach mansion, with his new $60 billion Fox News parachute. Sad.  Very Sad. I am sure the Monsignor is also upset over all the child molesting priests who suffered quite a bit.

“Just another dead doper. And a dirt bag.”
“He was, ladies and gentleman a worthless shred of human debris.”

Near neighbor and friend Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head. What? Oops… That was Rush Limbaugh’s day of their death eulogies for Gerry Garcia and Kurt Cobain. My Bad…

Ailes died from falling down in Palm Beach mansion. Like so many celebrities was their a drug and alcohol test on him?  After all, it is just a walk for him to score from morphine addict Rush Limbaugh.