Bashir: GOP’s five stages of grief over health care

Utilizing the Kubler – Ross five stages of grief, Martin Bashir examines the Republican’s stages of grief over the health care ruling. They seem to be passing through the first four stages, but while Martin claims that they ready for the last stage, I see them stuck, as evinced in Susie Sampson’s interviews of people on the street.  First Denial – where many still linger, refusing to accept the constitutionality of the bill.  Secondly Anger – I don’t expect to see this one go away, ever. Third Bargaining – some are playing with terms, such as ‘tax’ vs ‘penalty,’ others still hold out the hope of finding a ‘free’ country where they may live in uninsured bliss.  Fourth is Depression – which is natural when Republicans have blocked any progress for four long years, it’s tough to lose one round. Of course last, and yet to come is Acceptance, it’s apparent that Martin is more of an optimist than I.

Martin Bashir Obamacare, the GOP and the 5 stages of grief and acceptance