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BBQ Grill Fail mash up: Don’t try this Memorial Day!


Memorial Day often means men, fire, friends, alcohol and the alleged grilling of food. Lest you think that I am sexist, please note that no women were involved in the making of this film. They’re probably en route to the nearest McDonald’s while the frivolity ensues in the back yard.

Of course you already know never to use gasoline or lighter fluid to give the fire a little jump start – sadly, some don’t (care) . Others encourage fun by tossing in an aerosol can. Oddly, the pyrotechnics seem to add to the merriment for these potential burn unit patients.
Saving the best for last, a  backyard juggler is skilled in juggling the sharp tools of the trade, neither he nor onlookers sustain injuries. The same cannot be said for low flying fowl. What a finale!

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