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With both Bernie and Warren fking up Health Care for All, I have to now go with Biden.

Biden has the blacks and the old, all he needs to beat Trump is the young, so Buttigieg. Biden is also warm, funny, and friendly which neither Bernie or Warren are.

No woman?  Women have gone too far into the WOKE – which is just a one syllable word for POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – which over the past 30 years is the central reason the white working class has moved lock stock and barrel over to the GOP.

Bernie and Warren’s Health care plans – which copy the WE/US egalitarian government owned systems of Canada and Great Britain – are untenable in I/ME/MY/MINE America.   Those systems are the outliners, it is the hybrid systems that get passed and put into place all over the more civilized world.

Bernie and Warren begin with the destruction of the present health care insurance system. 2.2 million jobs axed. How will your 401 react to that?

Here is what not only works, but gets passed overwhelmingly in the civilized nations of the world, which I have not heard ONE Democrat even mention.


Medicare Advantage for all. 

The civilized nations have declared health care a human right and follow three rules:

1) Everyone is covered
2) Paid for by an individual payroll tax
3) Use existing health insurance companies to dispense the system in non profit mode, with their profit coming from supplemental and concierge plans which they have the database to market effectively.

The people of those civilized nations pay about 40% less than we do and 50% less of GNP with better outcomes.

Our system of employer health care has been in free fall for a generation, it is costing both employers and employees more for less with ever rising deductibles, copays and denial of coverage.

The fix is simple. Employers increase wages and salaries with what they save on company insurance, or just like employers pay half of SS, they can pay half or all of the employee’s payroll tax. Or offer supplemental plans.

THIS IS DOABLE.  And perhaps with time Biden, the DNC and the American people will come to understand it.

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