Big Laughs from small joke boys Jon Stewart and Calvin Trillin

small jokes calving trillin and jon stewart

Lots of small jokes are better than just one big joke. I learned that from the Republican Primaries in this last election.  In past GOP primaries it was usually just one clown on stage, Ron Paul and he was funny but this last time with Bachmann, Trump, Santorum, Gingrich, and that absurd black guy I can’t recall his name any more made the entire thing beyond hilarious. And each of them took the lead for some period of time.

I have found a non sequitur I think it’s called in the next presidential GOP Primary. All the talk is Rubio, Jeb and Christie, and I mean ALL the talk.  But you know who leads in the actual polls for Republican nominee in 2016?  Mike Huckabee. Exactly the kind of thing  the GOP is pretending they are going to get away from. Crazy Looneytarian Rand Paul will be running too. What a treat that will be! And what about Sister Sarah? She needs to get back into the light of things.