Bill Maher: Ann Romney versus Michelle Obama in WE ARE POOR contest


Poor Ann RomneyHere is the Ann Romney Bio from Wikipedia:

Born Ann Lois Davies,she was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, by parents Edward R. Davies and Lois Davies. She has two brothers. Her father, originally from Caerau near Bridgend, Wales, was a self-made businessman who in 1946 co-founded Jered Industries, a maker of heavy machinery for marine use located in Troy, Michigan. He had also held the part-time position of Mayor of Bloomfield Hills. Raised in the Welsh Congregationalists, he had become strongly opposed to all organized religion, although on her request the family very occasionally attended church, and she nominally identified as an Episcopalian. At times she helped out at her father’s plant.

Ann Davies knew of Mitt Romney since elementary school. She went to the private Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills, which was the sister school to the all-boys Cranbrook School that he attended. The two were re-introduced and began dating in March 1965;[13] they informally agreed to marriage after his senior prom in June 1965.

While he was attending Stanford University for a year and then was away starting two-and-a-half years of Mormon missionary duty in France, she decided on her own to convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during 1966. In doing so she accepted the guidance of Mitt’s father George Romney, the Governor of Michigan. George included her in Romney family events while

Mitt was away; she appreciated his treating her as an equal and picked him to baptize her.

Ann graduated from high school in 1967 and began attending Brigham Young University (BYU). She also spent a semester at the University of Grenoble in France during her freshman year and was there during the 1968 Winter Olympics. The Mormon missionary rules allowed her only two brief visits with Mitt and very rare telephone calls with him. She involved herself in campus life at BYU, spending several days a week as a volunteer in the academic affairs office. While at BYU, she dated future business academic Kim S. Cameron. She sent Mitt a “Dear John letter” of sorts, while Mitt sent letters back imploring her to wait for him.

Immediately after Romney’s return from France in December 1968, the pair reconnected and agreed to get married as soon as possible. Ann Davies and Mitt Romney were married in a civil ceremony on March 21, 1969, at her Bloomfield Hills home, with a reception afterward at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club. It was presided over by Edwin B. Jones, a banker and Romney family friend then serving as an LDS Church Regional representative of the Twelve. Among the 250–300 guests were U.S. House Minority Leader Gerald Ford and automotive executives such as Semon Knudsen and Edward Cole, and President Richard Nixon sent congratulations. The following day the couple flew to Utah for a wedding ceremony inside the Salt Lake Temple; her parents could not attend since they were non-Mormons, but were present at a subsequent wedding breakfast held for them across the street. (Both her brothers converted to Mormonism within a year of her doing so. Her mother converted just before her death in 1993. Her father never did, but the family performed a baptism for the dead regarding him a year after his 1992 death

  • Newscat

    I’m with you db. Ann has given us no reason to ignore our own good sense and trust her husband.

    Her most recent directive to “Just STOP it!” sounded like an irate mom addressing her fractious children.
    I image that speech alone is a guarantee that she’ll find out – thanks to comedy writers, just how much of a target presidential wives now are, as you pointed out.

  • db

    I’m sorry Ms. ‘Cat,

    I didn’t make it clear earlier. Ann Romney’s speech bolied down t, “You can trust Mitt Romney”. Nobloe sentiments indeed.

    But if she’s lying about their living conditions in poverty; then why should we trust her on the “trust” issue? Even if she exaggerated alot; we’ve got the issue of trust to deal with. If she’s got little or no credibility; then her assurances we can trust Romney are just so much more snake-oil sales pitch.

  • db

    Don’t want you obsessing Ms. ‘Cat, but it’s fun to watch multimillionaires try to look like “just folks”.

    My concern is that Ann Romney’s speech ant the RNC was a tissue of lies. I’d be reluctant to go too far on the issue; but I think the Republican attacks on Michelle Obama have established that Presidential wives are fair game.

  • Newscat

    Oh…I’m now obsessing db. I was just wondering if you’d seen the same thing I did this week? The investment Ann said they drew from as students, turns out to have been a MILLION dollars worth of stock Mitt received from his daddy. Sounds like they didn’t have to ‘live on love’ alone. ; ) It does rankle one when he speaks of tugging himself up by his golden bootstraps.

  • db

    Ms. “Cat,

    You may have been inaccurate in the precise quote of the “wealthy banker”; but clearly Rush was not referencing the low paying Bank teller jobs. His implication is unmistakable. President Obama did not grow up in poverty because his (white) Grandmother worked in a bank.

  • Newscat

    Ah..Thanks for the suggestion for a citation db. It seems that I remembered the ‘wealthy’ banker part incorrectly- so that is my bad. Still, he is trying to paint a picture that is far from reality here in my opinion.

    Here it is from Sept 5, Rush seems to be trying to bridge the distance between Romney’s wealthy upbringing and Obama’s childhood spent with a single mother and grandparents who were far from well off, although grandmother did work in a bank.

    LIMBAUGH: By the way, before we get to the phones, quick question. Why were Obama’s shoes a half-size too small? And what we’re supposed to conclude from that, that the guy was so poor and had so little and was just barely surviving, and he had to have his most prized possession was a coffee table from a garbage Dumpster. And his shoes that were a half-size too small. Didn’t care about material things. [unintelligible] So he goes in to buy a pair of shoes and buys them a half-size too small because he doesn’t care to buy a pair that fit.

    No, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re that telling me he that didn’t buy the shoes, he had to get those out ofa Dumpster, too? Obama was working for a law firm when he started dating Michelle. He wasn’t wearing shoes a half-size too small when he was dating Michelle Obama. He was working at a law firm.

    I don’t care. The point is, tugging at out heartstrings — Obama did not grow up in poverty. His grandmother, the typical white woman, worked in a bank. Don’t give me this “down with the struggle”business. He wasn’t down with the struggle, that’s the whole point. You go back to 2008, the Democrats were wringing their hands because he wasn’t authentically black. That’s the reason the Reverend Sharpton had a problem with him, and they wrote the column in the L.A. Times, “the magic Negro.” He wasn’t down with the struggle. He doesn’t have slave blood. You know all that. You’re the official Obama criticizer. What are you telling me?

  • db

    Awesome job Ms. ‘Cat. I’d cite your Rush comment for the proposition, it’s all in the name. If you can label it…

  • db

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    I heard something to the effect that Mrs. Romney took some artistic license with the claims of poverty. Mitt has a stock portfolio they could tap? Wasn’t really a basement? Sorry, I don’t know more but (if true) the ramifications are awesome. “When even your wife is on stage lying…”

    Trust Romney.

    • Newscat

      Sorry to be late in answering db, but yes – Ann and Mitt were far from typical students; although they are so out of touch, that she may sincerely believe that they were poor as church mice. Sadly, this was a broadly televised attempt to humanize Mister Mitt, using his human shield, Ann.

      They have stated that they sold GM stocks to ‘get by’ while they were ‘struggling.’ I remember that she said it came to around $50,000 per year – in 1960-70′s money. She also said, “But he invested Mitt’s birthday money year to year – it wasn’t much, a few thousand” Note please: she didn’t say that was ALL they had – although what they claim to have scraped by on as students, beats the national average for a family TODAY.

      While they may have rented a basement apartment for a time, it was hardly a desperate existence. Here’s a hint: she didn’t mention Ramen noodles once, nor did they go on sofa excavations for gas money – still popular American pastimes, and not for students only! ; )

      I like contrasting their situation with the rarely mentioned life of our President.
      President Obama grew up in public housing with a single mom on welfare – and later with his grandparents. Grandmother worked as a clerk in a bank, something Rush Limbaugh recently elevated to ‘wealthy banker.’
      Obama had to go to a community college before transferring to a four year institution. Lacking stock to sell, he *worked* two full time jobs while attending school, at White Castle and McDonalds. It’s a pity the Romney’s didn’t get to have the fun and excitement of a student job!

      Unlike Mitt and Ann, Obama lacked two parents with Ph.D’s and he wasn’t able to attend the finest prep schools and Universities in the world…And yet, he seems to have turned out okay. : )

      Sorry, I rambled a bit, but if you hear anything else about Mitt and Ann’s lean years I’d surely appreciate hearing it. ; )

  • Newscat

    This is extremely interesting! I guess Ann’s wealthy father was a self-made man who wanted those crazy kids to pull themselves up by their own doggone bootstraps – at the risk of setting the wobbly ironing board on fire with the candles from the romantic dinners Ann lovingly cooked and served there. I mean really, have you ever seen a (cheap) ironing board that didn’t tip and wobble constantly – don’t they have LAPS?