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Bill Maher Berkley Commencement speech and Muslims

“Islam the only religion that acts like the Mafia.” Bill Maher on Real Time October 2014.

Bill Maher Berkley Commencement speechThe Pew Research poll of 35 Muslim countries found a few issues that make Bill Maher’s statement above an insult to the Mafia. Here is some info on the speech at Berkley. Bill Maher delivers keynote address at UC Berkeley commencement.

The argument is that there are just a few bad apples making Islam look bad. Well bullcrap. To make this short and easy I decided to use only what we Westerners consider the most liberal of the large Muslim nations, Egypt and Indonesia.

Looking at the long list of graphs and figures finds that the worst offenders of Islamic religious intolerance are the usual suspects: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine terr, Iraq, Nigeria, Congo… Where the popular acceptance of religious intolerance often reaches into the 80 and 90 percentiles. In Afghanistan often 99%. Why anyone would go there for any reason other than to buy heroin or bathe in rubble is beyond me.

Want Sharia Law to be the law of the land
Egypt – 88%
Indonesia – 74%

Believe amputation, whipping, stoning and execution are proper punishments
Egypt – 70%
Indonesia 45%

Stoning is the proper punishment for adulterous women
Egypt 81%
Indonesia 45%

Death to those who leave Islam for another religion
Egypt 86%
Indonesia – 18%

Must believe in God to be moral
Egypt 96%
Indonesia 95%

Sex outside Marriage is amoral
Egypt – 94%
Indonesia 95%

Homosexuality amoral
Egypt – 95%
Indonesia – 94%

Honor killing of women is amoral
Egypt – 31%
Indonesia – 82%

A wife must always obey the Husband
Egypt – 85%
Indonesia – 93%

Can a wife divorce her husband?
Egypt – 22%
Indonesia – 32%

Only Islam leads to Heaven
Egypt – 93%
Indonesia – 87%

And lastly here are the Muslim nations in which more people accept evolution than in the United States:

Palestine Terr

After compiling and reading through so much more of these lists I can’t help but notice how so much of all that ugliness reflects our own brand of American Christian intolerance.

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