Bill Maher has Dinesh D’Souza for lunch

Dinesh D’Souza does everything possible to look as good as he can on TV and the best he can do is Mr. Bean. So please, a little tea and sympathy…

You can see the frustration starting to consume Bill Maher in trying to communicate with these Right-wing clowns. If you can’t even agree on known facts, then what’s the point of even arguing with them? Something I learned 25 years ago.  Don’t waist your time other than getting your licks in and move on.

In fact later in the show when Bill Maher  is dealing with Black Right-wing clown Ron Christie, Maher ends up pounding his head on the desk three times in frustration. There is no common ground any more, nothing, not even facts or truth or science or math. Hopefully when the start denying gravity they will all float away.  They live inside a very dark and angry box, with no holes.

dinesh d'souza is mr bean!