Bill Maher Interview CNN Jake Tapper, Lord of Fake News!

Bill Maher Interview CNN Jake Tapper, Lord of Fake News!As far as The Media goes these days, it is CNN’s Jake Tapper who is now the strongest and most respected voice against SpongeDon Crazypants. He is the leader of the “enemy of the American people” CNN, NYT, WAPO, you know where all the fake news comes from.

SpongeDon Crazypants has been on the front page of all you see, read and hear for over a week now for accusing President Obama of wire tapping him. Which only one person in Washington believes.

The president did not get that information from CNN, NYT or WAPO but from which he reads everyday along with INFOWARS.  In fact the President’s closest White House adviser is the CEO of  The President also checks in with INFOWARS most everyday and is on the phone with Fox & Friends. Fox News is where he got his newest conspiracy theory that it was the Brits who set up the wire tapping.

I think the bell weather of his fall will be the day that the three MENSA members of Fox & Friends turn on him like Joe and Mika have. If he loses them what does he have left to get his voice out? I noticed his presidential rallies are no longer streamed by anyone other than Fox News.

Which brings up the heavy question in this interview with Jake Tapper.  How complicit were the cable news networks in getting him elected by giving him a billion dollars in free airtime last year.

When we come to terms with him losing the popular vote by 3 million and winning the electoral vote by only 180,000 votes we can blame it on just about anything, wikileaks, Russians, cable news, Jill Stein, Congress doing the EMAIL and BENGHAZI crap and on and on. But the real blame goes to all the Democrats who sat on their lazy asses and did not go vote.