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Bill Maher interview Julian Assange, why go after Democrats rather than Republicans?

Bill Maher interview Julian Assange, why go after Democrats rather than Republicans?“We’re working on it,” Julian Assange of Wikileaks replying to Bill Maher’s asking why not put Trump’s tax returns out for all of us to see?

Bill Maher quips well both for and against Wikileaks and Julian Assange. I suppose Wikileaks hasn’t gone after Donald Trump or the GOP because they don’t have to, what more does anyone need to know with The Donald leaking from his whatever day in and day out.

Panel member and Trump backer Rick Santorman praised Donald Trump for his best day so far in un unendorcing the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan! In fact it made headlines across the world. The Republican nominee endorsed the Republican Speaker of the House! Gosh…

Later in the show, America’s top Christian politician  Rick Santorum, defended his mentally ill nominee for repeatedly asking in briefings why we can’t use nukes.

Rick Santorum Ladies stop your enginesIn fact this intolerant homophobic sexist pig of a Christian went on to say that the worst thing that President Obama ever did was to say that America will only use nukes in retaliation to nukes. Santorum was very very hot and animated on that, worst thing any president ever did! Sfter all as history shows,  using nukes first is who and what we are being the most Christian nation of Earth. In two days we killed more innocent people than all the terrorists in the world have killed or ever will.

Again the fact that Americans just cannot seem to get our heads around:

Americans shot and killed by terrorists in the last 15 years –  96
Americans shot and killed by other Americans in the last 15 years – 170,000 [not counting suicides]

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