Bill Maher interviews raunchy ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane


Bill Maher sat in for Piers Morgan in time to talk with the creator of such wildly popular commentaries on modern life as ‘Family Guy,’ American Dad’ and ‘The Cleveland Show,’ Seth MacFarlane.

Anything with the ability to entertain – and shock Bill Maher is worth a look-see.  Maher commented; “Every week I watch it and say ‘Oh my Gawd, I can’t believe he’s getting away with that!’  In this case, the topic was incest with children.  Peter Griffin turned to the audience at home, and smirked – utilizing all 50 IQ points, and zero charm, remarking,  “If you don’t like it – there’s the remote!” Griffin may be a dolt, but he knows we can’t change the remote! The episodes are oddly compelling, and touching that remote would set off a  wave of genuine domestic violence across TV Land.