Bill Maher Monologue, Comey Fired, The Apprentice, Nuclear Edition

Bill Maher Monologue, Comey Fired, The Apprentice, Nuclear Edition“He [Trump] is a low information voter who became the President.” Pod caster Jon Favreau hit’s the nail through the board. BTW, “Low Information Voter” is the politically correct term from “dumbass.”

Taking the entire hour into consideration, [the video of that quote unavailable], or perhaps considering everything that has been said about The Donald since he was elected, those ten words define the Trump presidency better than anything I have heard so far. That’s publishable.

Bill Maher makes the point that though Republicans know they have a certified buffoon as their leader, they are going to suck up to him until they get all their bills and laws to deregulate the environment, the banks and Wall Street, reduce their taxes, throw 24 million working class people out of health insurance and pass as much religious intolerance and bigotry as they can get away with before they throw The Donald under the bus. Leaving us with Mike Pence.

So what do WE have to look forward to? An impeachment giving us President Mike Pence making The Handmaid’s Tale our new reality? Hardly.

No, what we have to look forward to is – just 18 months away when we all go out and vote as we never have before – Donald Trump’s tweets on the morning after he finds that the Democrats have taken both the Senate and the House.