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Bill Maher Monologue, Democratic convention, Sept 7 2012

Bill Maher monologue

A reminder. What most defines Clint Eastwood is a gun in the face. From a FEW DOLLARS MORE to DIRTY HARRY to GRAND TORINO.  Grand Torino’s most memorable line and graphic is Clint with a shotgun to his shoulder saying GET OFF MY LAWN.  But he is most beloved for what defines him the most, the line MAKE MY DAY.  The graphic of looking down a .44 magnum is typical action movie fair. But it is those 3 words that define sentiment,  I WANT TO KILL, I ENJOY KILLING, GIVE ME AN EXCUSE TO KILL,  I CELEBRATE KILLING. That is why we love him so. He is our generation’s John Wayne.  I think of the many movies Eastwood has been in or directed, I can only thing of two which were not guns. The same cannot be said about John Wayne. For try as I might I can think of no movie in his 40 year career where is was not shooting the crap out of lots and lots of people.  America’s two greatest actors!

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