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Bill Maher Monologue, Obama grew some balls, Nov 14 2014

bill maher monologueSo President Obama is about to sign an executive order that will give work permits to about 4 million Mexicans. Coincidentally, the same amount of green cards President Reagan stumped for and handed out in 1986.

The NEW RULE here seems to be to temporarily allow parents of Latino citizens to stay so not to break up their families. Pretty monstrous stuff to Republicans, and of course, along with Benghazi, more fodder for impeachment.

The president also won a big one by going to China and getting them to sign onto a global warming pact to reduce carbon emissions. ┬áRepublicans again are horrified that now their main argument – China won’t do anything so it does’t matter – to push as much crap into our lungs as they can get away with is now reduced to – we will do nothing for no reason other than to make the Koch Brothers richer than they already are. It’s what Jesus would do.

The President also just came out in full support of Net Neutrality which Republicans are comparing to the failure of Obamacare. BTW, if you haven’t heard Obamacare is now dead because Nobody Gruber said Americans are stupid.

I think the President was wrong in his delivery of all three of these issues. He should have strapped on a big bass drum, put on my old SCARFACE hat that says FK YOU YOU FKING FK and paraded up and down the Capital steps for a week.

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