Bill Maher Monologue, President Crazypants, March 17 2017

Bill Maher Monologue, President Crazypants, March 17 2017As Bill Maher asked last night, what more will it take before Republicans step up to the plate and dump SpongeDon Crazypants?  Does he have to roll around naked on the White House lawn eating grass?

Indeed what more do they need to understand that they have a vulgar insane fascist narcissist running the show? He fails the test of the book “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.” He doesn’t even get one right. But then again that is a book, an alien concept to Donald and his gang.

He has now alienated all 1.6 billion Muslims, the UN, NATO, the EU, Sweden, Great Britain, Australia and now Germany.

Here at home his policies are a slap in the face to Muslims, immigrants, Hispanics, Blacks, seniors, the sick, the poor, the working poor, children, cripples and even his own base of angry white trash.

But none of that matters because he knows the hearts of his base and expresses it well in his rallies. They know what’s going on, their self interest be damned, they know there will be no more jobs, that their health care will be harder to come by, that the entire world is laughing at us, that the rich will get richer and they will get poorer, that he could end the world quickly with a push of a button, or slowly by destroying the environment as much as he can.  But none of that matters as long as keeps giving the finger to anyone smarter than a moonpie.