Bill Maher Monologue, Trump Vacation

Bill Maher Monologue, Trump VacationTrump’s Boy Scout speech was the worst I have seen from any Republican, and Dennis Hastert used to fk Boy Scouts.

Though the gist of the monologue is mostly Trump getting caught in big flat out LIES which no one cares about that is what he does everyday. It’s who he is, a pathological liar.

But in all fairness, like religion, if you believe a lie it is the truth.

Lies are no vice when it comes to giving anyone smarter than a Palin the finger.

I have said he won’t last till Christmas. But what then?

Read the book or or watch the series, the Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret Atwood. In fact everything she writes is a good story and very well written. And different.  Alias Grace.