Bill Maher New Rule: Dying for Likes, social media addiction

Bill Maher New Rule: Dying for Likes, social media addiction“The lords of social media have to admit that they are tobacco farmers selling addiction to children.”

Looking down.

It seems like ages ago, but it was only eight years ago that my family took me to a nice restaurant for Father’s day. The three of them had just got a phone plan that included the new Android “smart phones.”  For the entire meal they sat looking down at their phones, their dinners getting cold while I sat alone starting up conversations with anyone who walked by.

Suddenly they all laughed at the same time and I realized that there was no table talk because rather than talk to each other in real life they were texting each other in cyberspace. As I drove home it was the same story. Once home it keep going until today when it is even worse than back then. The phones are no longer in pockets or on nearby tables, but IN HAND.

Way back then I told them “You know people, soon humans will all look like frogs as evolution does away with our necks and our chins grow into our chests.”

Very happily for me, though I have a smart phone, I have avoided the addiction. I only use it to voice text messages occasionally because it’s the only way I can contact the rest of the family. Why they are still called “phones” I have no idea.