Bill Maher New Rule, odious fees and millennials, Sept 8 2017

Bill Maher New Rule, Fees and millennials, Sept 8 2017 [The screenshot here is from the earlier segment of an evil scary clown worse than even Stephen King could come up with]

Bill Maher rants about how banks, cable and phone companies gouge us with their odious fees. Fees the take from our human foible of not paying attention.

But it is not until the end of this video where the gravy hits the meat. If poor voting turnout millennials can stand in line for DAYS to get a new iPhone they can stand in line for an hour to vote.

It is the problem. While Republicans do everything they can to make it hard for the young, old, poor and minorities to vote, we let them do it to us. We have the voting power to keep all three branches of government for decades but while their people will crawl through manure caked brimstone to go vote, we have to stick a bone up our people’s ass to just get them to register yet alone vote. Hopefully having this buffoon in the White House will wake everybody up. Though I said the same thing about 911 and religion and things only got worse on both sides.¬†

Nations that require voting do well taking care of each other. Oops, taking care of each other is communism, socialism and God Hating crap! Or what the more moderate Republicans call self reliance, entitlements, small government and states rights.