Bill Maher New Rule, Trump Jobs, June 16 2017

Bill Maher New Rule, Trump Jobs, June 16 2017Amazon buying Whole Foods means Kale the next day at your doorstep! No more bonding with fellow liberals, vegans and no gmos.

Losses of literally millions of jobs while President Trump stumps for coal miners and wets his pants playing truck driver and backhoe operator. Donny The Builder looking out for a dirty, foul, dangerous dying industry.  This is the territory of three olds.

To top it off we find EPA Destructor Scott Pruitt telling us 50,000 coal jobs opened up in the last quarter when there are not that many coal jobs that exist.  Newspeak.  Alternative facts. Fake News.

What is it that Donald Trump has about Russians and Coal Miners?

Lo and behold, following Real Time last night came Bill Maher produced VICE where we find that  Putin, the Kremlin and over 90% of Russians believe Global Warming is a good thing.The more coal mining, coal burning, pollution, arctic melt the better.

This still  does not poke a whole in that in the world it is only the American Republican Party who denies Global Warming. Russians are not dumb enough to deny it, they just love it.