Bill Maher New Rules, Republicans are Dicks, April 7 2017

Bill Maher New Rules, Republicans are Dicks, April 7 2017“If you doubt that crap personality is the driving force behind Republican politics, look back to your childhood. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that every one of your friends and acquaintances who was an ahole then, is a Republican today.” Rack Jite 1993

Republicans are dicks. Who knew? Me! Me! Me! It is all about wealthy white people finding ways to get working class voters to vote against their own self interest with fear, hate and resentment.

It has changed little over the generations, Republicans are the party of the white wealthy elite consumed only by their financial self interest. The common good, which is called civilization, is vilified as socialism, communism, welfare, entitlement, nanniness and opposed to all our individual rights, freedoms and liberties. Add fear of the Other and most everyone who goes to work with their name on their shirt joins up.

What the Democrats have to understand is just how many stupid people there are running amok in the land of guns, manure and white gravy. They need to tap into the stupidity which the Republican learned so well under Ronald Reagan. Stupid people can be easily manipulated by short, uncomplicated, simple words and phrases. Thinking is hard.  Facts, data and the truth no longer matter. Like with religion, all that matters is what one chooses to believe.