Bill Maher presents his FLIP A DISTRICT project

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mahermono2In 2012 Bill Maher but his money where is mouth was and donated $1 million to the Obama campaign. Point was to get other celebrities to do the same. Direct involvement in politics.

This year Bill Maher is going to go directly into politics again by presenting us with our worst congressmen – which viewers will submit for review – and then he will go to that district and use whatever means possible to help get rid of the miscreant. Sent your information through twitter at #flipadistrict.

Sadly Bill Maher will have to pass on the most disgusting human being to ever get elected to the House of Representatives – Ted Nugent’s best pal and my personal congressman from Texas – Steve Stockman.

Stockman, who recently made news by loudly walking out of the State of the Union Address, has decided to forgo reelection to his House seat and instead make a primary run for the Senate to unseat Senator John Cornyn – who he calls “a liberal”. Cornyn has a 100% conservative rating

Bill will also have to pass on congressional airhead Michele Bachmann who is not running again.

This means it will more than likely be a horse race between Texas Louie Gohmert and Iowa’s Steve King. But there is a West Coast dark horse who is the longest running Right-wing lunatic in the House, so don’t count out Dana Rohrabacher. [Stockman had gone missing for 3 weeks and it was recently found he was traveling the Mideast with Dana Rohrabacher] And of course there may be some real morons the national media has not yet discovered. But thanks to Bill Maher we soon will.

One things sure, whoever it will be is going to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • John Brown

    About 11 years ago our spineless Governor, Rick Perry,
    allowed U. S. Congressman Tom Delay to
    hijack the Texas State capital. Resulting in the forced an out of sequence voting re-districting in order for Tom Delay to gain
    more power in Washington D.C.. The result we all know , with Rick Perry getting
    re-elected numerous times. The voting districts, as well as the de-gradation of
    the democratic system in the Great State of Texas. This allowed the likes of my
    districts major problem, Ted Cruz. Ted
    Cruse is an egotistical self centered Fishiest and a very dangerous man for our
    destruct and all of America.

    Please Help kick Ted Cruz out of our district, our state,
    out of Washington and the country in general.

    • newscat01

      You have my deepest sympathies. Faces (or at least online names) should be paired with unlikely office holders like Cruz.
      I’ll certainly find a petition to sign. Alternately, if you find one please feel free to post it. Thanks for keeping us aware!

  • 1234heythere5

    I VOTE TO UNSEAT REP, iSSA for his continuing campaign to dismantle the Postal Service

    AND .

    • newscat01

      Issa just oozes the smarmy disconnect of the super wealthy who now populate the majority of seats. We’ve come far from the Founding Father’s plan to elect representative of the ‘people’ they serve. Thanks for making us all aware of his lunatic ideas!

  • And I was not being sarcastic about your possible sarcasm! 🙂

  • James Bailey

    Bill would be better advised to scan the voting record(s) of his targer(s), post them on his website, and let its viewers see for themselves the merits of ousting the target(s).

    • I am sure their are dozens of entities that already to that in their horrendously boring way. No, making headlines, using social media, being funny and in your face is the way make this work.
      In other words… MAKING POLITICS FUN

      • James Bailey

        Certainly you’re right, sir. In order to bring about serious political change in America, one must be funny.

        • The Colbert Report and the Daily Show seems confirmation that you are not being sarcastic. 🙂
          One has to get their attention before they will listen.

          • James Bailey

            Forgive me, sir. I didn’t intend to be sarcastic at all. I don’t own a TV. I gave mine to the local dumpster in the ’90s. I guess I was being insightful when I was expecting it.