Bill O’Reilly Talkin’ Dirty – Fox Harassment Scandal Part 1 – John Oliver


Bill O'Reilly Talkin' Dirty - Fox Scandal Part 1 - John Oliver

Fox News may be –  as John Oliver suggests; “a series of Cialis and catheter commercials occasionally interrupted by an episode of ‘The Five’,” but Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment suit is shaking things up! O’Reilly’s unwanted attentions have cost him $13 Million over 15 years. Another man might take the hint that women find him to be grossly nauseating – but not O’Reilly. Victims describe verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances, and phone calls in which it sounded as if Mr. O’Reilly was engaged in – to use a Seinfeld euphemism,’mastering his own domain.’ John claims he hates to ask what that would sound like, but he does anyway.

We can’t know what O’Reilly’s victims felt, but we can catch a glimpse and an earful from the man who literally wrote the book on pleasing a lady. In 1988 O’Reilly released his page turner: “Those Who Trespass.” Better still, he reads the audible version of an – a-hem, adult encounter O’Reilly style – This is a treat you don’t want to miss…Shudder.  You’ll never view kneading bread in the same way.

You’ll soon know why John can confidently state:
“I am willing to bet there has never been a fictional character more happy to NOT exist than Ashley VanBuren.”  
In part two we find that O’Reilly has one staunch friend. With all of the logic he has ever failed to muster, Donald Trump speaks out for embattled O’Reilly.