‘Blackface With Voices Video: Is VW’S ‘Get Happy’ Super Bowl Ad Racist?

Super Bowl VW Ad is White Guy With Jamaican Voice Racist? video

In ‘Controversial Tempest in a Teapot Today’ we have the VW Super Bowl commercial. Here’s a sneak peek of the ad that has everyone talking. What do you think? Is the white guy with the Jamaican accent more offensive than bringing the Partridge Family’s ‘C’mon Get Happy’ song back to life?

  • Thanks for this db. I’d completely forgotten the similarity of the titles, if not the songs. The infectious & upbeat “Get Happy” (Forget your troubles, c’mon get happy) predates & surpasses the relentlessly banal pop song written for the Partridge clan by a country mile.

  • db

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    Musical history is the Lt.’s department; but I seem to recall “Come on, get happy” from the 1940’s. Well predating the Partridge Family.