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Borat Pokes Fun At Bigots In Viral Sing-Along At Country – Western Bar

Borat Pokes Fun Of Bigots Who Sing Along to "Throw the Jew Down the Well" At Country Bar This puts me in mind of the ‘Blues Brothers’ arriving at Bob’s Country Bunker, where they’re told  “We have both kinds of music, Country AND Western!”
This video which has racked up over six million views in short order was titled “A Room Full of Bigots Had No Idea He Was Making Fun of Them.” The description continues: “Sacha Baron Cohen often used his character Borat not only for laughs but to expose an underbelly of American culture that most would prefer not to believe still exists.”

That, he does, Sacha Baron Cohen  has exposed the ugly underbelly of numerous individuals and cultures  as well, ever since his days as rapper ‘Ali G.’
It could be that this extremely politically incorrect ditty is being sung to a group where some are too inebriated to know the full implications of this song, and will get behind any ditty with a giddyap beat. Having ‘defended the devil’ I certainly hope no one (other than the woman pictured) was sober enough to sing along out of anti-Semitic sentiments – then again, how drunk does one have to be in order to be excused for expressing racism, even when the beat is catchy – what do you think?

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