‘Caffeinated’ John Fugelsang: Elect President Jesus, America!


John Fugelsang points out that if there is one thing all American politicians and right-thinking folks claim to have in common, it’s Jesus! After all, they ‘know’ him, and claim that he shares their narrow views on gays, guns and abortion! What could be better than electing Jesus as President of the United States?
After a quick review of the actual beliefs and views expressed in the Bible by Jesus, ersatz followers are certain to be the first to initiate a hunt for President Jesus Christ’s birth certificate.

John Fugelsang: American politicians elect Jesus President until they learn he hates THEM

  • rackjite

    Back in the Eighties I use to say if Jesus came back today, Jerry Falwell and his gang would be chasing him down with a hammer and three nails…

    GREAT FIND NEWSCAT, GREAT FIND! All that needs to be said in one little video. Classic. I have said all those things a billion times but was never able to put it all together in something viable. Hear Here

  • HopeyChangey

    TRUE isn’t it! Forget employment, he and his rag-tag followers would be the target of those who chase the homeless from pillar to post and then bounce them out of town.

  • rackjite

    Jesus couldn’t get a job at House of Pancakes!