Can even God’s Frogs and Locusts get Republicans to accept Climate Change?

Can even God's Frogs and Locusts get Republicans to accept Climate Change?

I would advise God to save his rain of frogs and swarms of locusts for any Water Pharaohs of the future. Has God lost track of what “conservative” means? It means those who they will not change. In fact it’s a human thing, YOU gonna change on 40 round magazines, a woman’s right to choose or increasing taxes on the wealthy?  Now add to that ignorance, intolerance, hate and conservative and you have the answer.

They will be sitting on their rooftops in lawn chairs blaming Rush Limbaugh’s volcanoes in Krakatoa until they gulp their last breath of air. It is the nature of the Beast.

We now have local and regional news coming at us nationally from CNN and such which ramps up the fear of everything. What they national news misses when disaster strikes are the interviews by the more conservative local news outlets which we here down South see all the time.

The camera pans in on a wet couple standing in front of a large pile of rubble that was once their home with a background of devastation of what were once houses and trailers. The local Texas reporter puts the microphone to the couple. The woman usually does the talking while the man nods in agreement.

“Praise the Lord!  It was like a freight train and we prayed and prayed. We lost everything, we can’t even find pictures of our family. Fluffy the dog we found dead this morning under our upside down car over there.The last we saw of cousin Lou was him flying toward the power lines. Praise the Lord!”

I mean gosh… Gee…Seen it a hundred times… Ever occur to yall that the Fking Lord is the one who brought the hammer down on our stupid sorry ass?  No?  Gosh… Gee…

The fly on the wall a few hours before Trump came down that escalator to become President.
“If there are that many ignorant boobs who believe all that crazy religious crap, then they can believe anything at all. I can lie my ass off and they will believe it if they want to believe it, and I can win this.” Donald J Trump.

And to top it off, if that was real and all the Trumpers saw it understanding it was not FAKE NEWS but true as he bragged about it again in his morning dumb tweet, it would not matter one wit to them. That’s how far gone in ignorance and hate they have gone. Nothing can change them or stop them but mortal attrition.