Cartoon: GOP Uterus Control. Al Jazeera: “Heartbeat” Committee Not Thinking of Women

Uterus chaos!  Republicans must stop unregulated and unlicensed uteri and control them!

How surreal is life when it is Al Jazeera – not an American network or publication, which digs in and reveals the secrets of the GOP anti-abortion campaign? We soon learn just how deeply our anti-abortion legislators have delved into the issue, weighed all sides, and only then – decided to ban all abortions!

State Rep Jim Buchy (R-OH) and his co-horts, who are sponsoring the “Heartbeat” abortion ban are a case in point. Buchy, who seems like a nice enough man – holds nothing back when a reporter from Al Jazeera asks him the most fundamental of questions about the ‘Heartbeat’ ban. Come to think of it, he simply hadn’t thought of it! See Buchy on Rachel Maddow’s show on the topic of wacky anti-abortion committees, who while ignorant of the facts, must have terrific refreshments at their meetings.