CARTOON Horsey : Republicans want Obama to lean more to the center

"Strange advice from a party with no center", as Horsey observes, he also can’t help but notice that there’s something bizarre and ironic about Republican leaders, from Mitch
McConnell to Mitt Romney, calling on Barack Obama to move to the political center, as this comes from a party whose national commitment just adopted a "purity pledge" to steer
GOP campaign funds away from any Republican candidates who fail to buy into every word of the party platform.There’s much more great food for thought from David Horsey.
Republicans want Obama to lean even more to center

Horsey  cartoon   Republicans   Barack Obama   Obama more Republican     I don’t see Republicans reaching out to meet Obama. Perhaps they’re hoping Obama will fall off of his chair in an extended reach across the aisle? It’s difficult to picture any
progress with their hands primly folded in front of them, and no effort being made to meet the President half way.