Cartoon: Religious intolerance is American, Catalino

Always striving to be fair I like to include a bit of Right-wing art when I can find it. I suppose mostly this is because there isn’t really much of it. Kind of an underdog sensitivity I suffer. It isn’t on of the things conservatives are very good at. In fact Red Dawn, Ramirez and Mel Gibson are about all that comes to mind…

The message is clear. Taking a big stinky crap on the 1st Amendment is not about extremists, radicals or nutcakes, it’s about AMERICANS and AMERICA.

Conservative cartoonist Ken Catanlio here finds the crapstained truth of the matter, the sad retching fact of it, the pee in the pail reality, the no longer hidden bigotry and the embarrassing hypocrisy of it.

Which… Ken Catalino and company are PROUD to shout from the rooftops.

Indeed, there is an insurmountable ideological rift in this country with so many White-wingers so LOUD AND PROUD of their religious intolerance, their ethnic bigotry and their laughable sensitivity.