Cat Friend vs Dog Friend…What If Your Friends Behaved Like Your Pets?

Dog Friend vs Cat friend: What if your friends behaved like your pets - would you put up with them? Funny video

I hate to promote stereotypes, but cats and dogs are generally considered to exemplify the polar opposites of the pet world. Gregarious dogs and introverted cats can be excused their peculiar and often passive-aggressive behavior – but what if your friends acted the same way, would you put up with them?    Spot’s slurpy tail-wagging, and rude sniffing ‘because he wants to know you’  is difficult to overlook when he’s six feet tall and wearing a hoody and jeans.  Fluffy’s unexpected attacks of  warfing up hairballs where your bare feet will find them, is less charming when ‘Fluffy’ has had too much ‘cat nip’- snarling, and  refusing to come out from under the bed. If anything, the folks from fatawesomefilms proves that nature is perfectly balanced, and cats and dogs can work in perfect harmony despite…Or maybe because of, their differences!