Donald Trump goes Nuclear

Donald Trump goes nuclear

Though this morning's news is all about Donald Trump ejecting Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos from his press conference, the real story from last night's Donald in Iowa with Ann Coulter is how Donald Trump is consumed by his uncontrollable hate and revenge and the possibility of his finger on the button. Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, 50 Fox News lies in six seconds

Jon Stewart Fox News 50 lies in six seconds

"Hypocrisy is not a bug in the Fox News model, it is the thesis, your job is to defeat any source of criticism that might hurt the conservative brand by angrily holding them to standards you yourselves jettison in your Fox News mission statement." Jon Stewart saying so long to Fox News Get your pause button ... Full Article & Video

Knives illegal assault rifles legal

Knives illegal assault rifles legal

So how safe to you feel walking into a strip mall with crazy looking fat old men with beards, dressed in camo, sunglasses, ammunition bandoleers and assault rifles at the ready, I would guess about as safe as those in the Pentagon feel who are calling for these gun enthusiasts to stand down. Full Article & Video