Liz loves Dick the Dick no matter what

Loving Dick Cheney

And some gal married Charles Manson a few weeks ago! This one caught my eye as an example in the bigger picture of who is at fault for accepting so much ugly in the world, is it the messengers or the receivers. Is it Rush Limbaugh who is a fat ugly bigot and morphine addict who Full Article & Video

Fox News rogue Shep Smith decries torture

Fox News rogue Shep Smith on torture

"I find it sad and horrifying that we are still debating torture... Ronald Reagan said we are a shinning city on the hill, we're America we don't toture." Fox News Shep Smith. Take notice of the FOX NEWS FACTS scroll running below their rogue Shep Smith. Fox News finds itself in somewhat of a bind now Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart explains the Torture Document

torture is not American, it is Republican

Torture is a Republican thing, well except for John McCain it seems. Fox News, talk radio, Dick Cheney and the Tea Party sure like it! Character matters. It's the nature of the beast. Let's see. The Republican high moral grounds: Executions, guns, corporal punishment, assault rifles, preemptive war, shooting, torture, rhino rounds, collateral damage and of Full Article & Video

It’s white male privilege stupid!

white male priviledge

It goes to show you how things have changed since early the 1990s when the elections were about IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID while now IT'S WHITE PEOPLE STUPID. As you can see the economy no longer matters, since when? Since the rise of Fox News and talk radio who have made the central political issue more Full Article & Video

The Republican Benghazi Slut

Republican Benghazi Slut

Not ugly enough. Either representation. So with Benghazi now proved to be the ugly crap the human community always knew it was, what's the GOP to do? Of course they want to impeach President Obama but that wouldn't look good. You know, looking good is what they are about. Like the recent months of their full Full Article & Video

Common Core for Dummies

common core for dummies

"It's hard. And it makes me feel stupid." Common Core for Dummies And now some words about Common core for Smarties. Common Core has been adopted by all states except Alaska, Indiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Our dumbest state, Mississippi even adopted it. But with the Tea Party split on everything but kicking Full Article & Video