Massage by two clowns is too many clowns

two clowns massage

In fact two clowns is too many clowns for most anything other than a circus or a Republican Primary debate. Most every 4 years the GOP puts one really really silly African American clown up on their Republican Primary debate stages. Last year it was Herman Cain replacing Alan Keyes. This Full Article & Video

The Ferguson I AM DEREK WILSON rally


I AM DEREK WILSON. What is sick about these middle class white people - who control the city of Ferguson which is made up of mostly poor black people - is using the famous I AM SPARTACUS line from the movie of that name to celebrate authorities killing an unarmed Full Article & Video

The lasting image of Ferguson

The historic Ferguson Image

This is probably going to be the lasting image of Ferguson, much like the man with the shopping bags in front of that tank in Tianamen Square.  Or the cop with assault rifle in the face of Elian Gonzalez hiding in a closet.  My problem is there is a much Full Article & Video

Ferguson Police find the real racists, Danziger cartoon

Ferguson police finds the racsim

Racism isn't the problem, calling attention to it is. In our post racist nation the only lingering problem are African American racists constantly playing the race card. Our problem is not the five years of over the top personal vitriol directed at our first African American president, or police officers killing unarmed black men, Republicans suppressing ...

Militarized police, Bagley cartoon

militarized police

This one got me thinking.Sure the feds are making this kind of equipment available for free but there is still a high cost of upkeep and maintenance. So why do the police need to spend so much of our hard earned tax money on this crap when only a generation Full Article & Video