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Breast feeding at The Onion

Onion week in review

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMB5FCjV4wo&list=UUfAOh2t5DpxVrgS9NQKjC7A IT sounds funny,something wrong with the sliders. Or is that a new announcer? And hey, I do not breast feed and I know what's best for everyone else, as I am sure you do too. There have always been a few things I have not been able to understand from the gitgo. Why anyone would Full Article & Video

Onion Year in Review 2013

onion year in review 2013

The Supreme court decides in favor of Gay marriage saying it's good to no longer have something no one has to be dumber than dogcrap to argue about. Texas shoots the most gorillas. In the wake of the Zimmerman trial making murder of an unarmed black kid non punishable, Americans rally together to advise black ... Full Article & Video

Stop and Kiss, The Onion

stop and kiss

Stop and frisk only works on black people. For I can tell you that down here in Texas if it were tried on white people lots of cops would be shot on the spot. And the cops know it so they keep their distance. This is an example of the dynamic that drives Republican politics. What Full Article & Video

Key and Peele: ‘Obama Shutdown’ : Michele’s Anger Translator Negotiates Presidential Romance With Luther

 Key and Peele:

Obama's Anger translator Luther, isn't alone. Key & Peele have given Michelle her very own Anger Translator Katendra,who is every bit as wonderfully expressive as Luther. This is very good news, until the volatile duo have reason to express anger with one another, and it's time to take cover and watch the sparks fly. In the Full Article & Video