Election 2008

VIDEO Olbermann Worst: Glenn Beck NO evolution, Bob Marshall R VA, sins of Sarah passed to baby Palin, Omsk Siberia Pres Dmitry Medvedevs short visit

Golden Glenn Beck at CPAC. He won't evolve, don't ask him! As Beck sees it, there are two options, "Revolution or Evolution." We assume that because he's only touching upon Conservatives and Commies, as a follower you want to be up in time for the Revolution! Evolution takes far too much time...though I don't ... Full Article & Video

Vote! And Have Cell Phone Fun in line

I just returned from voting here in Dumbutt, Texas. Outside the elementary school the biggest change I noticed from last election was that the word "Republican" was missing from all the political signs. I had quite a bit of fun in line. Of course this kind of fun may not work where regular humans go ... Full Article & Video