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It is race and religion that divides America, Alan Abramowitz

voting by income graph

A remarkable 80 percent of observant whites with family incomes below $15,000 voted for a Republican presidential candidate who famously expressed no interest in appealing to 47 percent of the electorate including, presumably, those living below the poverty line. The information in this article is culled from the Washington Post  How race and religion have polarized Full Article & Video

Jimmy Kimmel’s Confused Question Blends: Hollywood, President Obama & Ending Government Shutdown

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's Confused Question juxtaposed President Obama, the government shutdown and the end of that shutdown, and in no way made sense - or did it? "Do you think it's right that President Obama refuses to end the government shutdown until the government shutdown ends?" This was a head-scratcher for many - who then pronounced it Full Article & Video