Olbermanns Worst

Olbermann Worst: Thomas Tolbert voting dog. Don Balfour, Bill Hamrick, Bill Cowsert and Ross Tolleson, ‘Sharia’ Gen. Jerry Boykin

Worst: Thomas Tolbert, who registered his dog to vote in his home state of New Mexico is highly excited about stopping the 'epidemic' of voter fraud! It is alternately known as 'voting by Democrats, the young, disenfranchised and people of color.' As you might guess, this is not all there is to this ... Full Article & Video

Olbermann Worst: Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a slut, Rep. George Cleveland, Judge Richard Cebull

Worst: Rush Limbaugh is the shining moral leader of The Right... Most certainly The Mouth of it. (Mrs.) Sandra Fluke a student at Georgetown Law School became the bombastic asshat's target for her comments to a Democratic hearing on the contraception coverage issue. Fluke talked about the need for birth control for both reproductive ... Full Article & Video

Olbermann Worst: Rep.Joel Kleefisch WI voter fraud, Bob Morris Girl Scout basher, more Breitbart

Worst: State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R–Wisconsin) takes home the prize for irony. Kleefisch was caught on-camera casting votes for three pals. The issue at stake? A bill demanding that all Wisconsin voters present picture ID; this is the bill which allegedly will prevent the average citizen from voting fraudulently. It's okay, he - ... Full Article & Video

Olbermann Worst: Bob Morris routs Lesbian Girl Scouts. LDS Temple baptizing Ann Frank, Breitbart/ Molly Shannon mashup

Worst: Bob Morris, Indiana State Rep (R-Allen County). Morris not only doesn't want to celebrate 100 years of the Girl Scouts, he wants to reveal that they are a threat to family values in America! He learned that they are a "tactical arm" of Planned Parenthood, and they promote a "homosexual lifestyle," and he ... Full Article & Video

Olbermann Worst: Andrew Breitbart, Bob McDonnell mandatory vaginal probes & Whitney Houston expert Bill O’Reilly.

Worst: Andrew Breitbart video rage mashup theater! Today we feature more of Breitbart's drunken, alcohol fueled ravings, and an unfortunate comparison to Gene Wilder as the darkly fascinating Willy Wonka. Worser: Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia where the chant is "Stop Raping People, Governor!" In some odd corner of his mind, ... Full Article & Video

Olbermann Worst: Breitbart loses it, Archie Wilson Teabaggers, O’Reilly on Whitney Houston

Worst: Andrew Breitbart. The charmless right wing wind-bag imploded at CPAC over the weekend on the topic of Occupy. Clever Emily Crockett further enraged 'Bart with calm reason. Yah, that "scurrilous wench, and progressive reporter" who is bent upon editing 'Bart to 'seem' to be out of control. We present for your amusement and ... Full Article & Video