Morning Rackit

Morning Rackit March 10, 2012

Last night Senate Wisconsin Republicans removed the money from the anti union bill to pass it with a simple majority, 18 to 1.Union members protested in the halls of the Capitol through the night. The people of Wisconsin VOTED for this crap last November. Perhaps this will be a lesson learned all across America. Are ... Full Article & Video

Town Hall Deja Vu

Somebody reminded me of this I wrote in sometime around 1995ish, it was the height of the conservative hegemony with the contract on the Clintons led by Newt , Rush and Tom DeLay. With these Town Hall shouting matches these days it seems to apply again. You know it doesn't seem to matter ... Full Article & Video

Morning Rackit, Republicans Screw Their Neighbors

What is driving the present Republican angst against the $80 million mortgage rescue is pure Republican ideologyI DO NOT WANT TO HELP MY NEIGHBOR!No matter their neighbor's foreclosures will reduce their own property value. After all, helping neighbors is not only against Republican ideology, but also Republican morals, Republican ethics, Republican values and above all, ... Full Article & Video

Morning Rackit, Feb 11, 2009

WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOWBlares from the cover of this week's NEWSWEEK magazine.I suppose it was around 1949 with the congressional enactment of the House on UnAmerican Activities Committee that the word went so far out of favor. The early Fifties were a time we criminalized political views, enjoyed McCarthyism, and ... Full Article & Video

Morning Rackit, Feb 10, 2009

I noticed a full page ad by the Cato Institute in the Houston Chronicle today. You know the Cato Institute, that's the over the top right-wing think tank behind not only destroying everything related to FDR and the NEW DEAL, but who over the past few years have been doing everything they can to privatize ... Full Article & Video

The Morning Rackit, Feb 9, 2009

Maureen Dowd Now, Daschle's punishment for getting too rich with special interests will be to get richer with special interests. Mornin' Joe Many months ago I sent both a snailmail  and email CNN to say that after 25 years I would no longer watch their channel until Lou Dobbs was off the air. ... Full Article & Video

Today’s Rackit, Feb 7, 2009

Non Partisan Silliness I got in a bit of trouble last year with my fellow bloggers by sticking with Hillary. I did so because of Obama's naïve belief that conservatives could be dealt with in a kind and gentle non partisan manner. After 8 years in the White House, Hillary knew better, that the only ... Full Article & Video