Tea Party Ugly

Republican Immigration dreamer dreams

GOP dreams of Democrats

On this issue there should be none of that political equivalency business in singling out Latinos. After all there is no place in this world of ours where immigrants could come from that would give Republicans more voters than Democrats. Well, other than ISIS I suppose. Oh the horror of it! More minority Democrats who will Full Article & Video

White People with Opinions!

White People With Opinions The Second City Network

The Second City Comedy Network invites you to turn on and tune in to 'White People With Opinions!' It is the latest of the peppy opinion panel .programs trending now. Viewers will relate to the panel.  They're hip - in a very conservative way, happenin' (ditto) and oh-so-white.  The program is essentially a top 40 ... Full Article & Video

Key & Peele The Tea Party Candidate

Key & Peele The Tea Party Candidate

It's fairly obvious that the Tea Party needs a new leader. In this video by Key & Peele, they set out to snag one!  Not being original thinkers, the TP feel they just may need an African American candidate. It worked for the Democrats, after all, and they have already tried women as candidates...Not that ... Full Article & Video

Airline seat anger, the simple answer

airline seat anger

So the simple effective answer to all this is to fix airline seats in a position halfway down or so. So why can't the FAA just make a regulation to that effect and let's be done with this crap? Because... READ YOUR CONSTITUTION!  NANNY STATE SOCIALISM! IT'S WHAT MY AR15 IS FOR! IS THIS AMERICA OR Full Article & Video